Dr. Oz Recap 1/16/2013: Charlie Sheen Interview And Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Recipes

Dr. Oz has Charlie Sheen on the show and they get right into the details of his public meltdown and behavior that cost him a job and a huge salary. Sheen starts out by saying he was partying pretty hard during the filming of Two and a Half Men. He admits he showed up late and not in the best shape to act and do his job. Oz asks about this and Sheen says the working conditions got bad when others on the set tried to make it like an AA program.

Oz tries dig a little deeper and asks Sheen about the treatments he has pursued. Sheen says he went through a home program for 8 days and was fine. Oz points out that this was not really a great choice because the treatment didn’t last very long. Some of the things Charlie has been know to do can cause a range of health problems like losing your teeth. Oz asks him about his health and Sheen says he has all his teeth except for his two front ones and he has had a range of tests that say he is in good health. Sheen says he was blessed with great genes but Oz seems a little baffled at this. Sheen admits to still smoking and that he needs to quit.

Oz asks what keeps him going and where he sees himself in 5 years. Charlie says he wants to be retired and a happy full time dad to his kids. He talks about being able to read a book just because he wants to read it. Sheen seems to have an active mind and Oz says this could be why he only gets about 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. He says he is taking it one step at a time and he eats a healthy diet but admits to needing to quit smoking. He says the one thing that makes him angry is being misunderstood or judged. He quotes from his dads movie when Marlon Brando tells Martin Sheen, “You can kill me but you have no right to judge me.”

Now Oz asks Sheen about OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and whether the actor thinks he has it. Sheen says he does show the signs of it at times. He admits to tapping people on the shoulder just to get their collar down because he can’t enjoy his meal. Sheen thinks he is old fashioned when it comes to women. Oz seems a bit shocked at this since Charlie is known for having a lot of “relationships” and asks him a bit more about this. Sheen says he doesn’t believe in traditional relationships so much as he believes you should set your own rules.

Now we talk family and Sheen has 5 kids. He says he actually took steps and bought houses for all his family so that they could be together in the same neighborhood. He says he has a code and that is what drives him, he admits that his lifestyle doesn’t set the best example for his kids. Sheen seems shocked when Oz talks about addiction and how he could be putting his kids at risk. He brushes it off at first but then he looks really worried. He is really dedicated to self importance. Sheen says when a person comes up to him and says, “Mr. Sheen, I am nobody but…”, he gets really annoyed. Sheen says we are all important and unique and we should never let anyone tell us we are nobody.

Now Sheen gets in the Truth Tube and Oz shows him what a lung looks like. Now he shows him a lung from a person that smokes. Sheen calls it a “snapshot of horror” and admits that this really shakes him up. Oz says if Sheen will take his own advice and realize that he is worth something, just like he tells his fans about themselves, he will live longer and be happier.

Now Oz brings out Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien for exclusive 2013 Weight Loss Tips. Lisa began by talking about how we can eat healthy, even when we are at a restaurant, just by following a few simple rules. First, you need to be aware of the terms that could spell diet disaster. These are words like creamy, buttery, luscious, or home made and usually are a signal that the dish is not going to be kind to your waistline. Next, she said we need to order and appetizer to help us eat less during the main course. She suggested Chicken Satay or a Shrimp Cocktail. Third, you should always make dinner an “event” and you will be more likely to monitor your choices. Lisa says we should dress up when going out to dinner and treat it as a special occasion.

Fourth, use balsamic vinegar for your salad dressing and remember to dip you bites into the dressing and not pour it on your salad. For those of us that love our pizza, Lisa said we can take off 8-0 calories a slice just by switching to thin crust and asking for half the cheese. She also said we need to load up our pizza with good veggies like mushrooms, onions, and peppers. The sixth tip is all about soups. Lisa says soups like Egg Drop and Chicken Noodle have less than 100 calories a cup and are a great way to fill up before the main course.

Finally, for those of us who love our Chinese Food, Lisa says we can make it healthy just by making a few special requests. She says to order the veggies and meats steamed and you turn an unhealthy dish into a healthy one. Lisa also says that if we eat with chopsticks instead of a fork we will lose weight because we will take longer to eat our food. This is good advice for those of us that can’t seem to get the chopstick thing down properly.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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