The Taste Season Premiere 1/22/1013: Can ABC Make A Hit Cooking Show?

The Taste is a new cooking show that gives amateurs and professional chefs and chance to compete and learn from some of the top Chefs out there. Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson will be mentoring and hosting this new show. So how can this show get traction in a crowded field of other shows? Other popular cooking shows deal with people who have already made a career of cooking. This new show will have ordinary people that think they can keep up with the big boys so it should make for some interesting TV.

Shows like Hell’s Kitchen and America’s Top Chef seem to focus on the finer styles of the culinary arts. simple dishes will get you kicked off these shows and the judges ridicule people for lack of vision. While fine dining has its place, the majority of us go to a restaurant for great local food and simpler dishes.

By adding amateurs to the ranks, The Taste could usher in a new era where we see common dishes that are fantastic. Most of us never really look for small intricate dishes that look pleasing but lack quantity. I know when our family goes out, we want great food that we can sink our teeth into. Less flash and more taste is our mantra.

Tonight we will see the auditions and this is usually where we get the most laughs as some people think more of themselves than they will ever be. Tune in to The Taste at 8pm eastern time on ABC. We will have the highlights of the show posted here on CMR if you miss it. Please let us know what you think about ABC going into the Culinary TV Arena with The Taste by leaving a comment below.

Photo courtesy of The Taste


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