The Taste Recap 1/22/2013: New Twists In Cooking TV? One Spoon Spells Success Or Failure

The Taste Opens tonight by introducing the judges: Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre, Nigella Lawson, and Brian Malarkey. We get a brief description of the rules. Each contestant will prepare one dish and serve only one spoonful to each judge. Judges can either select the candidate for their team or they can say no. It two judges want a contestant, the contestant must decide where they will go. One spoon to impress these judges? This looks like it will be harder than anything else we have seen on TV. This is also a blind taste test where the judges have no idea who made the dish so personality will get you nowhere here.

The first contestant is a guy named Adam Kaswiner who creates something that makes all the judges gag. It is a medley of pineapple, matake, turkey, mac and cheese. Of course he is not going anywhere but home. Next, we see Sarah Schiear who is just an average person who wants to impress some professional chefs. She makes a perfect seared scallop with peach salsa and both Ludo and Brian love it. Anthony seems to think it is not up to par. Sarah goes with Ludo and we will see more of her when the competition starts.

Kyle Schutte, an executive Chef from LA, gets a compliment out of Anthony Bourdain but not a yes vote. Strangely, we see him sent home even though his dish had no bad comments. Next, we get Khristianne Uy, who is a private chef for Charlie Sheen. The judges love the seared scallops with creamed corn dish but all say no but Brian says yes so we have two contestants now. Jeanette Friedman gets a no even though the judges liked her jalapeno kugel dish. This is getting pretty boring fast here with no rhyme or reason to the yes or no votes.

Next is a guy named Todd who is supposed to be one of the best Chefs in Miami. He makes an ahi tuna with ginger sweet potato puree and surprisingly, nobody pick him. Now we get Renatta Lindsey who is picked by Nigella. Now we get a string of rejections from some very forgettable people with one exception. Markus attempts to make rosemary lamb with a crab and cranberry ravioli and it is a disaster.

OK, Anthony finally gets into the spirit and chooses Mia, who impressed him with her Lamb. A few more rejections and we see Anthony stepping up to the plate again when he chooses Nina Marie and her Chilean sea bass with butterscotch. Ludo and Nigella fight for Paul, who also used Chilean Sea Bass. He goes with Ludo.

So more rejections and few new contestants. Nothing really exciting or dramatic in this first episode really sticks out in our minds. the show seems to want to imitate “The Voice” with selection but cooking just doesn’t lend itself to the format very well. Tune in next week when we give another recap of the selection process. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s show with a comment below.

Photo courtesy of The Taste


  1. Mark says

    I agree that it’s difficult to keep cooking shows compelling, but I think The Taste has a unique angle compared to all the ones that are out there. The show will get more exciting as they select more chefs to their team and get down to the real competition.

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