Gel Manicure Dangers And Losing Weight By Dreaming: Dr. Oz Recap 1/23/2013

Dr. Oz says that our dreams can actually help us lose weight and he gets the full facts about the safety of Gel Manicures today. Oz opens the show by saying that many women think getting a manicure is pretty safe but these new Gel Manicures have dangers we all need to be aware of. Anne Chapas is on the show and she says that all manicures expose us to the risk of getting staph infections from the tools and the soaking beds. She goes on to say that Gel Manicures have even more things we need to worry about.

Gel Manicures last longer and are harder than regular nail polish so there is a lot more damage done to your nails when this is removed. Lots of scraping and even soaking your nails in Acetone is required to get the polish off. Oz gives us a demonstration and show us how it is not the nails, but the surrounding skin that gets irritated and red during the process that concerns him. He says this can lead to staph infection and create the perfect area for fungus to grow. Chapas says that your nails can get up to 50% thinner with all this scraping too.

Many salons use UV lights to cure the polish. Oz says this is not good and we should look for salons that use LED lights instead. Chapas said to ask the manicurist to apply and SPF Sunscreen to the area before the manicure. You should also use anti-UV gloves to protect your hands form the light. Chapas said we can get the same results as a Gel Manicure by just getting a regular manicure and adding a top coat of nail polish to it every night. She said we should always use a polish that doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP because they are toxic. She suggested brands like Zoya to get great looking nails without the dangerous chemicals.

No we see Cynthia Richmond out on the show and she is a dream expert. She says our dreams are our sub conscious mind trying to tell us about our health. If you are constantly having a dream about a house, she says this could be directly related to a part of your body that needs attention. She gives us a list of what each part of a house means in our dreams: A staircase usually means your spine needs attention. A Kitchen means you need to watch what you eat. A Bathroom signals that you may have digestion problems. A roof could mean you are really concerned about problems with your memory or you may need to seek guidance from another source. A bedroom means you could be having sleep issues.

Oz asks what does a naked dream mean? Cynthia says this can mean you are embarrassed about something or you are over exposing yourself in a situation. Dreams of taking exams mean you could be worried about tests you need to have for health reasons or you have anxiety about something you are doing. flying dreams mean you are wanting to be free from a situation. Dreaming about binging on food usually happens when we are on a diet and it is our mind giving us what we are depriving ourselves of during the day.

Can dreams actually help you lose weight? Oz doesn’t seem to think so but Cynthia says that dreams deal with emotional issues and that is a key factor in successful weight loss. She says most people gain weight back after a diet because they fail to deal with the emotional issues that caused them to gain weight in the first place. She says we should keep a journal beside our bed and write down our dreams as soon as we wake up. This will help us get to the bottom of our problems and we can fix the emotional issues that are causing us to be fat.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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