All Natural Appetite Suppressants And Angelo Sorrenti Workout On Dr. Oz Today 1/31/2013

Dr. Oz, January 31, 2013, is gearing up for another diet show with his new list of all natural appetite suppressants and the New York miracle trainer Angelo Sorrenti on today’s show. Now Sorrenti is known as the $60,000 dollar workout man because his methods work wonders on people who want to go from flabby to fabulous. Oz has talked him into giving us some of his secrets that he says will guarantee you a tight and toned body. If you want to see how the stars and the wealthy get into shape, then don’t miss today’s show.

Sorrenti is known for intense work out sessions but the results speak for themselves. Intense training is a guaranteed way to lose weight and get into shape. The problem comes when people who are obese or in terrible shape try this type of training. Most give us because they can’t keep up. Any work out plan has to be geared towards your own fitness level or you will be disappointed.

Now we all wish we had a simple solutions to control our appetites. There are literally thousands of pills and supplements designed to keep your hunger under control. Oz has recommended many of the better ones and has told us which ones we should stay away from on past shows. Today he changes things up a bit with his new list of all natural ways to get your belly under control.

Oz has some of the most respected Doctors in the country on today to give us exactly what we can eat and keep our hunger under control. Joel Fuhrman always talks about how fiber will keep you filled up and other guests have touted the benefits of protein to control your cravings.

The show today will have lots of information so make sure you set your DVR or have a pen and paper handy. If you miss any of the details then check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about. We bring you the latest Dr. Oz news 5 days a week.

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