Bullet To The Head Review: Stallone At His Classic Cheesy Best

Bullet To The Head opened this weekend with critics both saying is was terrible and it was great. So with the full range of opinions on this new Sly Stallone film, what is the truth? The film is just what I expected. It has Sly playing the “good” bad guy and it has lots of action and dead bodies to make any fan cringe with delight. this movie was never meant to be an Oscar Nominee and you know it form the start.

Director Walter Hill is being given a lot of flack for this flick. I think those people that wish to heap criticism on him, because they expected more, need to take a really hard look at what this film was supposed to be. If you wanted deeper dialogue and a more in depth script then maybe you should have never given Stallone the lead role. There are quite a few flaws in this film that could have been done better. The cliche’d banter could have been toned down. Characters and relationships could have been developed more. The plot could have been more realistic.

First and foremost, this was Stallone’s film. People can say what they want but it was his project and I think he did a wonderful job in bringing back the excitement of a no holds barred action film that gives us plenty of people to fill body bags with and doesn’t take itself seriously. Hill made sure this was one action packed ride on the bloody train express and he delivers the action in spades.

The film progresses from one scene to another without care or need for any filler. Now some say Hill tried to put the “partner dialogue” together but failed. I think he ignored it on purpose to get right to the action. If Hill had regurgitated the same that worked for “48 Hours” then the critics would be bashing him for doing that. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t so to speak.

If you love action, action, and more action in a film then you will not be disappointed with Bullet To The Head. If you are the kind of person that likes a little intellectual banter along with your dead bodies then this film may not be your cup of tea. I highly recommend Bullet To The Head for any die hard action junkie that like to see the bodies pile up without the problems of having to follow a real plot or listen to intellectual dialogue.

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  1. Constance mertz says

    Hello! This review is perfect. Action action and more action. Go see it you will not be disappointed. Stallone still kicks butt! Go Stallone!

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