Dr. Oz Recap 2/8/2013: Weight Loss Tricks And Spontaneous Healing Facts

Dr. Oz, February 8, 2013, gives us a whole new list of things we can do to trick our body into shedding pounds without dieting. Oz says that when we focus too much on how many calories we are eating and deprive ourselves of certain foods we can sabotage our diet. Today’s show is all about little changes you can make to your current eating habits that will melt the pounds away without exercise or pain. Can you really trick your body into thinking it is getting more than you are actually eating? Oz says yes.

First, by slicing your food in thinner portions, you will eat up to 25% less at each meal. Studies have shown that people who cut up all their food before eating actually eat less consistently. Next, Barley is a great way to get full because it is loaded with 9 grams of fiber per serving and it keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Oz says we should eat Barley three times a week.

Third, we need to find our trigger foods and replace them with healthier choices like salmon, quinoa, and greens. Valerie Bertinelli used this method to shed 3 pounds a week. Fourth, Pickled Veggies like pickles, beets, and asparagus regulate your blood sugar and help rev up your metabolism.

Fifth, Oz says drinking Metamucil 30 minutes before each meal will make you eat less because the fiber will fill you up. Next, eating soup before your main course will cut your calories consumption by 20%. The next tip is to eat veggies with shredded low fat cheese as a snack. Oz says this will work to lower your snack calories by 70%.

If you have to have a fast food burger every once in a while, one viewer said you can cut half the calories by just eating off of the kids menu. Oz tested this and showed us that a kids burger had 300 calories while the regular burger had over 700.

Now we get some tips Oz has gone over before. Eating healthy carbs before noon so you have time to burn them off before you go to bed. Rooibos Tea is a great substitute for one of those sugar filled drinks you consume during the day. Oz says this will get rid of a few pounds by just substituting it for you regular drink.

Our sense of smell is very powerful at curbing our cravings. Oz says if we sniff Vanilla when we have a craving, it will trick our brain into not craving that sweet snack and we will lose weight. Finally, just brushing your teeth after each meal with peppermint toothpaste will send a signal to your brain that food time is over.

Now Dr. Jim Nicholai and Jeffery Rediger are on to talk about Spontaneous healing. This is when the body cures itself from anything like a cut on your finger to cancer. Both tell Oz they see this all the time and there are some common things that cause the body to heal itself.

First, patients who experience this usually make drastic lifestyle changes. We have heard Andrew Weil talk about living an anti inflammatory lifestyle and both of these doctors say it is a key to seeing spontaneous healing happen. Oz has two women on that were both diagnosed with cancer but are now cured. Both of these women made dramatic changes in their lifestyle.

Dr. Jim said this was possible for anyone and he has a plan that will get your body in sync and on the road to healing itself. First, you must tune out all of the stressful things in your life. This is easier said than done but he tells us that it really works. Next, you need to live an anti inflammatory lifestyle and eat natural anti inflammatory foods like Andrew Weil talks about.

Oz ends by saying that this is not a “miracle” but it is a scientifically proven way to cure disease.

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  1. Barbie Bailey-Waley says

    I NEVER get sick, really I believe it is because I always say and BELIEVE I won’t get sick. For example….. when everyone around me had that nasty flu, I refused to get it and it works for me. I have even kissed my husband with strep throat and I won’t get it. I guess it is positive thinking. Oh I am disabled with a seriously bad spinal injury, and in a wheelchair. All I can say as stay positive.

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