Identity Thief Review: Rehashed Antics Still Make Us Laugh

Identity Thief details the life of Sandy Bigelow Patterson and how this man decided to take matters into his own hands when he finds out he is a victim of identity theft. Jason Bateman, the real Patterson, gets the shock of his life when his credit cards are suddenly declined and maxxed out. Debt collectors are pursuing him and his life is about to be destroyed. He finds out that a woman, Diana played by Melissa McCarthy, in Miami has been living it up and using his name. In last ditch attempt to correct this wrong, he decides to go get her himself and bring her to justice.

The film has a lot of borrowed plots from other famous movies and the dialogue gets bogged down in spots. You will constantly find yourself asking where you have seen this before as the story unfolds in several funny scenes. Bateman and McCarthy carry this film with all they have and it works in a lot of ways. I was reminded of John Candy and Steve Martin in several spots when the plot borrowed from the hit movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Lots of critics are complaining about the thin script and dialogue. They do have a point but they miss the point of this movie.

Identity Thief never tries to take itself seriously enough to get an Oscar Nod. These critics seem to miss the point that some of us go see comedies just to have a laugh and this film delivers a lot of them. If you love good humor that is not too sexually overt or graphic in dialogue, then you will have a blast watching this hilarious tale unfold. The timing and chemistry between Bateman and McCarthy is on par with many of the comic greats from the past. They deliver laughs and will even get to to chuckle a little bit when you shouldn’t be laughing.

If you want to just go have a good time for a while and love good comedy, then this movie is for you. If you like in depth comedy then stay away from this film.

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