60 Minutes Tonight 2/10/2013: Lincoln Film Debate, Al Qaeda Attack Survivors, Credit Report Accuracy

60 Minutes dives into the debate about the new film “Lincoln” and has Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis, and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on the show to discuss the accuracy of this film. Recently a member of Congress asked to have the film changed because it showed that Connecticut Senators split their vote to end slavery while in reality both Senators voted “yes”. Spielberg responded by saying this was not a historical film but a drama and he did take a few liberties with the facts to make his broader point. This is common practice in Hollywood.

So should films just stick to the facts or should they change the “history’ a little bit to make a film more dramatic? The vote is split on this just as it was about ending slavery. Other films that have changed history to make a more dramatic point were never questioned by Senators. I never hear one person in Congress complain when the movie “Glory” showed the black union regiment breaching the walls of the Fort at the end of the film. That never happened by the way. It would probably be best for our Congressmen to stick to creating jobs and dealing with our massive Federal Deficit instead of taking issue with a Hollywood film.

Also on the show tonight are the survivors of the Al Qaeda attack in Algeria. They will be telling us what they went through and how they survived. Also on tonight’s show will be a report about how accurate your credit report may or may not be. Most of us are clueless as to what is actually in our credit files. After we see what mistakes are common and what they can do to your life, we may want to keep better track of our credit score and what is in our credit files.

If you can’ watch the show tonight, please check back here on CMR for our full recap.

Photo courtesy of 60 Minutes

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