Face Reading Gives Insight About Your Health On Dr. Oz Today 2/15/2013

Dr. Oz is talking about how your face can give you clues to health problems that you may not even know about today. Now face reading is an ancient technique called Mishio Kushi that reads your face to tell you about potential health problems. Acne is a sign you may have liver problems if you have it around your eyebrows. now what is you have oily skin in your “T” zone? This could be a sign of high cholesterol and that you are eating a high fat diet.

Oz has Lillian Pearl Bridges, Dr. David Friedman, and Sue Hitzmann on the show today to give us the latest scoop on how our face could be telling us about the health problems we may not have noticed yet. Some other examples of Mishio Kushi are below and were taken from marysherbs.com. First, enlarged pores are a sign that you may be getting too much processed white sugar and could have pancreas problems. Crow’s feet are a sign you are getting too much Tannic acid from sodas and coffee. This takes sodium away from the joints and can cause gout or arthritis.

Bags under your eyes can be as sign you are having kidney problems. This could be a large problem or something as simple as you needing to go on a “flushing” diet for a while to get the kidneys cleaned out. Dark Circles under your eyes are usually from not getting enough sleep. If you are getting enough rest and still have them it could mean that you are having liver issues. Modern medicine loves to rely on blood tests and other new ideas but we still need to focus on the older methods as they do have benefits.

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