Dr. Oz Recap 2/15/2013: Melt Method Pain Relief And Face Reading For Health Clues

Dr. Oz, February 15, 2013, starts off by saying that face reading can tell you a lot about your health and he has a new Melt Method Plan to naturally get rid of your pain. Lillian Pearl Bridges, a Chinese Medicine Expert, comes out ans says that we can tell if our liver or heart is having problems just by looking closely at a person’s face. Knowing these signs has helped Chinese doctors come up with a method that uses both traditional medicine and ancient techniques to better diagnose disease. The process is called face mapping.

Lillian talked of the different areas of our face and what organ in the body it gives clues to. The nose is the area associated with the heart and the whites of our eyes can tell us about our liver health. She even says we can tell if a woman is pregnant just by looking at the right part of the face. If the tip of your nose is multi-colored, it could signal that you have a heart problem.

Oz has to test this theory and he bring out a few volunteers. Lillian tells him that the groove under your nose is where you can get clues about reproductive organs and you can tell if a woman is pregnant. Oz tests this himself and was surprised with how he could do this accurately. A deep dark groove that is plump means you are fertile, a narrow pale groove means you may have trouble conceiving. Lillian points out that pregnant women will have a puffy and pink tinted area here with small red dots.

Next, the cheeks are connected with your lungs. You could have trouble here is your cheeks don’t plump up and turn pinkish when you breath deeply. Dr. David Friedman comes out and tell us he looks for clues in his patients faces. He says it is the first thing he notices when a person walks in the room. He points out that a crease in the earlobe can signal you could be developing heart disease. He points out that this is in patients who develop one and have not had it all their lives.

If you have fat and puffy eyelids it could be a sign of a cholesterol problem. Fat deposits in the eyelids are a signal that your liver and gall bladder are not processing fats like they should be. Dark circles under your eyes are a sign that you have kidney problems. Lillian talks about the Chinese phrase called “Jing” and it is kind of like your “Chi”. Jing is the energy you have. If it is low you need to look at your health. Your Jing will get low if you are not hydrated properly and that will put stress on your kidneys.

Oz tests out this Face Mapping by having Lillian read two women’s faces. Oz had met them before the show to get their health info. She was dead on in her diagnosis and Oz is amazed.

Now Sue Hitzmann, author of “The Melt Method”, comes out to talk about how we can naturally melt away our back, neck, or migraine pain naturally and without medication. Sue says that the root cause of all connective tissue pain is hydration. The easy part is that if you are drinking enough water, your tissues will rehydrate fast with a little help. You need to use a soft roller and gently roll over the areas you are having pain. This soft compression will help get moisture into your connective tissue just like when you squeeze a sponge while it is under water.

For migraines, Sue says to use a ball and rub the nerve endings just like you did with the roller and your migraines will go away. Inflammation is the key ingredient of pain in our body. Sue has a recipe for an anti-inflammatory drink. Just mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one lemon (sliced),and a tablespoon of ginger to24 ounces of water and chill.

Sue gives us a few more foods that help with different problems. For Osteoarthritis sufferers, you need to eat one serving of papaya and one serving of strawberries each day. You need three servings of Omega 3 fatty acids a week and this is on fish like Salmon. Finally, she says to eat three servings a day of Buckwheat. This is a great non gluten grain that fights inflammation.

The last thing we get is some quick exercises that O has promoted before. Use a tennis ball and place your foot on it. Roll the ball around using gentle pressure to get moisture flowing in your body. Take a rolled up towel and sit on it with one cheek. Gently move around and be sure to do this on both cheeks. Finally, take a small ball in both hands and use it to put pressure on your neck. Go over the whole neck and you will help get those nerve endings satiated along with getting the connective tissue there ready to absorb moisture.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. Mary Ann Hatfield says

    I didn’t find the face map and would like to know if there is a book that explains how to use the face map

  2. Tora Johnson says

    You can find the balls at meltmethod.com and Sue has a fabulous new book out titled the MELT method. I got mine on Amazon. also if you go to meltmethod.com there is an instructor finder it will help you find the nearest instructor to you so you can learn the techniques and be proactive with your own body.

  3. Mary Kay Falkner says

    Please send me info of where you are located. I am seeing a pain dr. I don’t like being on the drugs he gives me.

  4. Mary Kay Falkner says

    Please help me! I have so many health problems. Fibromyalgia, major disk degeneration, extreme constipation, headaches……to name a few. I’m on so many drugs including Narco. Where are you located?

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