Amazing Race Season 22 Premiere 2/17/2013: 3 Teams Quit At The Start

Amazing Race Season 22, Ferbruary 17, 2013, will have some new twists and the elimination of the double bonus that was introduced last year. Now the teams start out tonight and rumors say that we will see three teams give up at the first pit stop. This may suggest that CBS didn’t vet the teams too well and it could make for an interesting season. Last year, we saw a new bonus where the team that won the first leg had the chance to double the prize money if they won the last leg of the race. Of course it didn’t happen so we get a new twist this year.

The teams this year are: Idries & Jamil, who are twin doctors, Max & Katie, who are newlyweds, Mona & Beth, who are Roller Derby Moms, Bates & Anthony, who are hockey brothers, Chuck & Wynona, a married couple, David & Connor, a father and son pair, Caroline & Jennifer, who are country singers, Joey & Meghan, who are friends, Pamela & Winnie, who are best friends,Jessica & John, who are a couple, and Matthew & Daniel, who are both firefighters.

So which of these three teams will quit tonight? Check back here on CMR for our full recap to find out. The new twist for tonight will have to do with the express pass. Usually the team that wins the first legs gets this but tonight that team will get two. One for themselves and one to give to another team before the fourth leg. This could really be a game changer if the winning team this year is the one who gets the free express pass.

The Amazing Race Season 22 starts out a Los Angeles Griffith Observatory tongiht. The show starts at 8pm on CBS and if you can’t watch or miss any of the details, please check back here on CMR for our full recap.

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