Leaky Gut Syndrome, Chromium And DIM Supplements On Dr. Oz Show 2/21/2013 Recap


Dr. Oz, February 21, 2013, starts the show by saying there is a new disease out there that traditional doctors are failing to detect and it is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Traditional doctors are treating this as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Susannah Meadows comes out on the stage and she says her son had rashes, bloating, and joint pain so severe he could not get out of bed in the morning. Her doctor started prescribing powerful NSAID pain relievers and they didn’t work. She was told her son needed a chemotherapy drug called Methotrexate and it had some really bad side effects.

Meadows watched her son get worse and worse. Her sister actually told her to see an Alternative Medicine specialist but she thought all these doctors were quacks. After watching her son deteriorate more, she finally went to the alternative doctor and she was shocked. This doctor said her son had Leaky Gut Syndrome where the bacteria in the intestines leak out into the body. He told meadows to change her son’s diet and he would get better in a few weeks.

The alternative doctor said she needed to eliminate Gluten, Dairy, and severely cut his sugar intake. After 6 weeks of taking a Chinese herbal remedy every day and the change in diet, her son seemed to be cured. Shepherd, her son, is now living a pain free life without medication. Meadows says she cannot say that the alternative treatment cured her son because he was still taking a lower dose of the chemo drug while making the dietary changes.

Oz chimes in that alternative medicine is at war with traditional medicine in today’s society. He says most conventional doctors don’t give alternative treatments enough credit and it could be harming their patients. Dr. Robynne Chutkan is on the show and says that leaky gut syndrome is real and almost all of the diseases out there start in our guts. Even Oz has said many times that our intestines are full of bacteria and keeping them in balance is a key to be healthy.

Chutkan says that there are a lot of symptoms that could point to having this condition and they are easily misread as other problems. If you have constant Eczema, Psoriasis, allergies, hives, joint pain, food sensitivities, bloating, gas, fatigue, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps a lot then you need to talk to your doctor about Leaky Gut Syndrome. We get a demonstration where Oz shows us how our body processes food in our intestines. We see that it breaks down the foods we eat and is supposed to keep the bad chemicals inside until they are expelled naturally. toxic chemicals created in this process can actually create holes in our intestines and these dangerous chemicals leak into the body.

Chutkan says we can look for specific things to diagnose Leaky Gut Syndrome. They include Parasite infections, a high sugar diet, antibiotic use, taking NSAIDS a lot, and food allergies. These things could mean you are at risk of getting this disease. Oz has a simple test for this disease and he gets 7 volunteers from the audience. He gives them a drink with different size molecules and waits for them to urinate. Looking at how many of the big molecules are passed through tells him that three of these women have this disease.

The first step in treating this disease is to eliminate Gluten, Dairy, Refined sugars, Alcohol, eggplant, potatoes, some peppers, NSAIDs, and Antacids. The next step is to replace the good bacteria in your intestines by eating more fermented veggies and taking a probiotic supplement. Finally, you need to repair the intestine walls by getting more Omega 3 into your diet and taking Glutamine powder.

Now Oz changes the subject and talks about the supplements we may need to be taking. First, Chromium Polynicotinate is something we don’t absorb well as we get older. This trace mineral helps regulate our sugar levels and we all know that a steady blood sugar level is a key to staying healthy. Oz says 90% of us are Chromium deficient and we can take 200mcg a day to keep our levels up.

Next, DIM Complex will help balance out your hormones and it is found in foods like cabbage. You can’t eat enough cabbage to get what you need though so Oz suggests taking 100mg if your weight is normal and 200mg if you are overweight daily. You should also look for black pepper and DIM complex on the label to make sure you are getting the right one.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. Patricia C says

    I have purchased the Chromium Polynicotinate as Doctor OZ recomended, but he said to take for a period of time before a meal….and I dont remember what that was. Can someone please help.

    I know when i was taking chromium picolinate it said to take it with a meal, and the women at Whole Foods, told me to take the Polynicotinate with a meal and on the bottle it also says, with a meal. So im confused on what is right…. and how much time should there be, between taking it and eating something.


  2. Junior says

    I think the show should of provided info about doctors who treat this leaky gut syndrome … Well if would love to see a doctor in nyc area … Nice if they accept insurance too anybody got any info

  3. Janice says

    What an enlightening show!
    I am turning 65 in a couple of days. I have a very active lifestyle, playing tennis and exercising at least 3-4 days a week. Over the past few years my weight has been going up and I have developed several lipomas all over my body. When I talk to doctors about them they have no explanation and I have just come to live with them. My arms are so ugly that I am going to see a plastic surgeon to maybe have some removed. I also have many in my stomach area . I am always bloated and gassy with any diet or food plan I go on. I am presently taking medication for GERD.
    I am going to eliminate the gluten, dairy and all of your suggestions because I am thinking that my body is toxic and I have to do something alternatively this time. I see a nutritianist and will talk to him about the supplements you suggest also. I saw the liver detox you recommend and will try that too. I’ll let you know how things turn out and if there is someway I can get the test done locally
    If you have any other suggestions for either problems I have please let me know.

  4. Lisa says

    I enjoyed watching Dr. Oz yesterday.

    I am wondering if it is safe to take Chromium, DIM, and krill oil along with other vitamins?

    Thank you.

  5. Melissa Garst says

    The name of the test is Intestinal Permeabilty Assessment offered by Genova Diagnostics (www.gdx.net).

  6. Roberta Rashok says

    Hi Doreen,
    Thanks for you detailed information. It goes so fast on the show sometimes there is no way to keep up taking notes. The 2/21/13 show was one on those for me. It would be great if you can speek to the powers that be and ask them to so a show on IBS especially IBS-D it seems to be a subject that is really ignored.
    Thanks again for your great work.

  7. Tana Eagon says

    Thank you for taking our comments!
    iv been seeing out traditional Drs since i was 18
    ? old/ 26 yrs? Baaically receiving a number of autoimmune diagnosis w no cure in sight & failed treatments. Leading me to wonder if there are any natural
    options to treat leaky gut through lifestyle for those of us who have trouble doing much for ourselves (like cooking, shopping,etc). wondering if there is any type of clinic / treatment center that focuses on healing patients through this anti-leaky gut, nonreaction, anti-inflammatory diet/tx. I’m On disability and don’t currently have a lot of extra money set aside for something like this but if it could help get my life back, I would be very very interested. I’m 34 yrs old been mostly bed ridden for 8 yrs. from flares of excruciating body wide pain (drs think from dilating veins?), extreme abdominal pain often with vomiting & acidic diarrhea ( which both put me in the ER many times, joint pain, extreme fatigue, face butterfly rash, body rashes, hives, swelling, xtreme nausea, vomiting, migraines, hot sweats cold sweatS, blood preside drops (like 60/40 & lower), memory problems. That is all when mostly just laying down. Trying to be active just walking usually results in xtreme swelling and body wide pain like iv been beat up or Banged up in a rotating dryer. I realize this may sound dramatic or exaggerated & that greatly troubles me bc I’m a low-drama person. Therefore
    the next worst thing than experience this physical torment, is having your health care team doubting you. Another odd symptom that randomly occurs is a neurological problem AiWS (Alice in Wonderland syndrome). Basically sudden distortion of senses. Also suddenly experienced extreme weight loss of over 70 lbs, then quickly gained more back. Wuld So appreciate any suggestions of somewhere I could go to get assistance with this type of treatment diet. Thank you so much & bless you. And if not could you direct me into the right place where I can suggest this type of information. Thankfully, Tana Jo Eagon 816-377-2219. tanajoeagon@yahoo.com

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