Amazing Race 22 Recap 2/24/2013: Who Got Eliminated?

Amazing Race 22 episode 2 opens with the teams bunched up again waiting for a water taxi and everyone is neck and neck except for the teams with a penalty from last week. The teams head to Motu Toopua Nui and have to find a chapel and get a blessing and their first clue. Jessica and John lose the lead here as Dave and Connor are first to the Chapel and this is a detour. the teams have to choose between diving for pearls or setting up an underwater picnic.

Beth and Mona decide to do the picnic but everyone else is doing the pearl diving. Dave and Connor blow their lead when they forget the snorkel gear and have to go back. Joey and Meaghan are the first to get two red pearls and get the next clue. The teams have to get a jet ski and navigate their way to Motu Tapu. The 4 hour penalty is not too bad and this race is closer than we thought it would be.

Idries and Jamil are having a hard time with the water as both are afraid. Just wait until they realize they have to ride in a jet ski next.

The next clue reveals a road block. Teams have to kick a coconut 35 yards while using stilts to walk. If they fall they have to go back and start again but can leave the coconut where it is. Bates and Anthony, Dave and Connor, and Jessica and John all finish the challenge at the same time and it is a three way sprint to the pit stop.

Bates and Anthony win the second leg of Amazing Race 22. Dave and Connor are second and Dave thinks he was injured in the sprint. Jessica and John are third. Joey and Meaghan are fourth. Chuck and Wynona are fifth. We get an update where Pam and Winnie are lost on their jet ski.

Beth and Mona get it together and finish sixth. Caroline and Jennifer are seventh. Max and Katie are eighth. Pam and Winnie finally get things together and make it in ninth.

Idries and Jamil are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. Now we need to commend them because the didn’t give up and when they had trouble with the pearls they went to make the picnic under water. They say they did it because the wanted to show their kids that you should never quit.

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