Monk Fruit Benefits And Hormone Balance To Control Energy: Dr. Oz Recap

Dr. Oz, March 4, 2013, starts off the show today saying that fatigue is on of the biggest reasons we don’t lose weight and is causing us health problems. Dr. Jennifer Landa comes out on the show and she has found four imbalances that can cause you to be tired all the time. She researched this after she started feeling tired all the time and she realized that it was not just because she had a hectic life.

First, Landa says that 25% of us have a sensitivity to Gluten. This means that they cannot get the proper nutrients from the foods they are eating and in women, it means they won’t be getting enough iron. Iron is vital because it helps carry oxygen to the cells in your body. If you have constant gas and bloating or you always want to take a nap after you eat, you need to test yourself for Gluten problems. Oz says we need to eliminate Gluten totally from our diet for 3 weeks. If you see improvement in your energy levels and you have a lot less gas and bloating then you may need to restrict it from your diet.

Next, Landa says we need to make sure out Thyroid is working at peak levels. If your hair is thinning and you are tired all the time, then your Thyroid may not be working like it should. Landa says adding iodine to our diet is the best way to get the gland working at peak levels. Oz recommends Sea Salt to get more iodine. The third way to fight fatigue is to use Dandelion Tea. Dandelion Tea actually helps your liver do its job. Our liver is responsible for filtering out all the poisons in our body. If it is not working like it should, then you will have fatigue.

Finally, testosterone is a key factor in keeping our bodies energized. Studies have shown that when cortisol levels go up then testosterone levels go down. It helps our body keep our muscles at peak condition. Stress is the main reason cortisol levels go up so reducing stress is the best way to fight this. Landa suggests that we do Belly Breathing to help lower our stress levels. Just sit on the floor with your legs crossed and breath in and out slowly through your belly. She also says we need to do this for 5 minutes and close off one nostril with our thumb.

Landa now gives us some new ways to fight fatigue and some reasons we feel tired all the time. First, we all know that sugar gives us a big boost in energy then a big crash. Landa says we need to use a sugar substitute and the best one out there is Monk Fruit Artificial Sweetener. Monk Fruit is 150 times as sweet as sugar and only has 3 calories per serving. Oz says he likes this one. Next, statin drugs are a big energy zapper. If you are taking a statin drug you need to use 100mg of C0Q10 daily to help fight the muscle fatigue. Third, Prilosec, Prevacid,and Nexium are common heartburn medications and they can zap your energy. Landa says anyone who is taking these needs to add magnesium, 400mg daily, to their supplement list to keep their energy up. Finally, Birth control pills block the body’s ability to release testosterone and we already know that low levels can cause fatigue. If you are on the pill and feel tired all the time maybe you need to switch to an IUD.

Now Oz brings out Lisa Lillien and she is talking about way to fight emotional eating. She says that dealing with the issues that cause us to eat is a great thing but it takes time for it to work. She has come up with substitutes for our guilty pleasures that will help us fight the battle of the bulge. Lisa says that this is a good interim way to keep emotional eating from plumping us up while we are getting treatment for the underlying issues causing us to eat.

Have you ever grabbed something to munch on while you were bored? Lillien says most people grab something like a bag of chips and just munch out because they are bored. She said we should eat Cracker Crisps instead and we can shave a lot of calories from our binge. A bag of chips has over 1,100 calories but a box of crisps only has a little over 400 calories. Next, we have all reached for the ice cream when we feel sad. Lisa says to use frozen Greek yogurt instead. Greek Yogurt has 400 calories per pint while ice cream has over 1000 calories.

If you feel stressed you crave something smooth and creamy. Lisa says that we can add cauliflower to our mac and Cheese and it will cut the calories down to less than 300 per serving. She says we will never notice that we are not getting as many carbs and fat. We have all hit the drive through for a burger on our way home from work because we are feeling too tired to cook. Lisa says we need to have our freezer stocked with stuff that we can cook fast so we can skip the drive through. She suggests that we use meat free sliders as they can be ready in a couple of minutes and provide us with protein without all the calories of a regular burger.

Oz gives Lisa a challenge to give us some new healthy alternatives to some of our favorite unhealthy foods. First, for chocolate lovers, she says to take 1 chocolate Vita top muffin and put light whipped topping in the middle and freeze. This will cure your chocolate craving and keep the bulging belly away. Next, you can take on box of fudge brownie mix, add 2 cups pumpkin puree, and 2 tbsp. of light chocolate syrup and mix it together. Spread this into a baking pan and coat with 2 tbsp of reduced fat peanut butter. Bake this at 350 degrees for 35 minutes and then freeze it for two hours before you cut it into squares. This healthy peanut butter chocolate fudge will cure your craving in no time.

Finally, Lisa shows us how to make a Philly Cheese Steak and fries the healthy way. Just cook 6 ounces of lean steak and onions in a skillet. Put this on a light hot dog bun and add a slice of 2% American cheese. You will make 2 sandwiches with 6 ounces of meat. Next, take butternut squash and cut it into fries. Add some coarse seas salt and bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes then turn and bake another 20 minutes. This is a 400 calorie version of the regular meal which has over 1100 calories.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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