Dr. Oz Takes On Dr. Drew And Celebrity Rehab After Death Of Mindy McCready

Dr. Oz, March 5, 2013, has Dr. Drew on the show today to talk about the implications of Mindy McCready’s death and the relationship it may have had with his show called Celebrity Rehab. McCready was the fifth person from the show to commit suicide. Can the pressure of going through rehab while under the constant eye of the camera be blamed for her death and four others? Many have questioned the motives of Dr. Drew recently and Oz is going to get to the bottom of this today.

Now anyone, who has gone through or watched a friend or loved one fight the deadly disease of addiction, know that this disease is sneaky and hard to overcome. Many think that addicts can just stop anytime they want to and abusing drugs is a choice. They would be wrong. The best way I have ever heard anyone describe what addiction feels like came from a conference in Atlanta, GA. the speaker said that if we wanted to know what addiction feels like, we should take a whole packet of our laxative of choice and then sit back and tell ourselves we will not go to the bathroom. Like many things in life, we cannot know what something feels like until we have experienced it for ourselves.

Look for Oz to talk candidly to Dr. Drew today about his show Celebrity Rehab and discuss the possibility that putting people on camera that are fighting a disease may not be a good thing. Does Dr. Drew seem like the kind of person that would try to make money off of the misery of others? Get up close and personal on today’s Doctor Oz Show. As usual, we will provide a full recap of the show so check back here on CMR for all the details about Dr. Drew and his responsibility for the five deaths that have occurred from his TV show.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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