Dr. Oz Recap: Fighting Diabesity And Dr. Drew Defends Himself

Dr. Oz, March 5, 2013, starts out with an interview with Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab and then continues with Dr. Mark Hyman on Diabesity. Drew comes out on the show first and says he is not responsible for the death of Mindy McCready. He says his show helps to bring the stigma of addiction out in the open so everyone can benefit. He does admit that the reality show atmosphere, where celebrities are paid to get treatment, can create problems.

Drew says that addiction is a lifelong battle and he only has 18 days to get people the “acute care” they need to start their recovery. Oz asks if non celebrities get the same treatment as the famous people. Drew says everyone is treated the same at his facility no matter who they are. I found it ironic that Oz never mentions the fact that lots of treatment facilities have longer programs. One program called Teen Challenge lasts for a year. Oz states that over half of the preventable deaths each year are related to addiction.

Drew points out that McCready had been off the show for over 4 years when she committed suicide. He says he takes 18 days and tries to give his patients the acute treatment they need but they are responsible to continue their treatment after they leave the facility. He does say that everyone who leaves his facility is given all the outside help they need. Mackenzie Phillips comes out on the show and talks about how addiction is a daily battle that you need to keep ahead of. She says she stays clean by keeping close relationships with others and helping as many people as she can.

If Drew and Phillips both say building relations ships and learning how to deal with everyday problems in a different way is the key to staying clean, then why not make the program longer so you will have more time to get people thinking differently. One little statement made by Phillips was that she had been clean for 9 months before going on the show. Now this could be seen as her going on TV for money. Drew even admits that lots of celebrities come on the show thinking it is a game but he says most actually learn something.

I personally have watched Celebrity Rehab many times. I only have to wonder if showing stars going through the lowest part of their lives is healthy for them. Addiction does carry a stigma. While Drew is trying to let regular people see that they are not alone, he is exposing celebrities to that stigma in front of the whole world. With 5 deaths and numerous relapses by the people we have seen on the show, you have to wonder if this is good for those celebrities.

Now Oz shifts gears and has Dr. Mark Hyman on stage to talk about Diabesity. Hyman says this is an epidemic in the US and it is easily treated or eliminated. Diabesity is a combination of Obesity and Diabetes and Hyman says it is directly related to the amount of sugar we are consuming in our daily diet. You can also have diabesity if you are not fat. Hyman says up to 1/4 of people with diabesity are not overweight. This shows that sugar is a killer.

Oz presses Hyman for a test to see if we have this disease. Hyman gives us three questions: 1.Do you have extra belly fat? 2.Do you crave sugar or refined carbs? 3. Do you have high blood sugar or high triglycerides? 4.Do you exercise less that 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you either have or are at risk of getting Diabesity.

So how do you Reverse diabesity? Hyman says it is simple to reverse or stop this in its tracks. 1. Eliminate MSG from your diet. 2.Eliminate Frankenfoods. 3.Eliminate all dairy. If you see things like yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or gelatin on your labels then you are getting MSG. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients on your food labels then these could be Frankenfoods. Dairy products contain a lot of hormones that boost insulin in the body and you need to eliminate them totally.

Hyman has a 4 part plan called the Blood Sugar Plan that will get you healthy and reverse Diabesity. First, always load your plate with 50% non starch veggies, 25% protein, and 25% non gluten whole grains. Second, add quality calories to your diet and eliminate foods that contain lots of sugar. 240 calories in a soda are mostly sugar. 240 calories of a veggie like broccoli are much healthier. Third, detox your body by adding Chinese Broccoli, artichokes, and watercress and this will get the toxins out. Finally, substitute good oils like grape seed oil for vegetable oil and use coconut butter instead of regular butter.

By making these simple changes, you will reverse or prevent diabesity and live a longer and healthier life.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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