Super Grains Teff And Kamut And Longevity Trifecta: Dr. Oz Recap 3/6/2013


Dr. Oz, March 6, 2013, starts off the show by saying anyone can add years to their life with the simple lifestyle changes he is going to give us today. He says that Americans don’t live as long as other developed countries. Making these changes will also help you lower your risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Oz calls this his Super Longevity Prescription and it is only 5 simple changes that will help you live a longer and healthier life.

To live longer, we need to try to lower our risk for the trifecta of diseases that are responsible for most premature deaths and health problems. Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer are the targets of this prescription. First, Oz says that we need to get rid of the meat in our diet. He says that we can actually lower our risk for heart disease by limiting our meat intake to the weekends. He says we should eat only veggies during the week and add meat to our diets on the weekends. Second, we need to drink beer every day. Yes, wine and beer have been shown to decrease our risk for heart disease by 30%. One light beer a day will give you more B Vitamins and Barley and this will help your heart.

Third, if you are over 40, you should be taking 2 low dose aspirin daily and this can actually lower your risk for getting cancer by 40%. Low dose aspirin actually fights to protect your cells from damage by inflammation. Fourth, we need to move for 15 minutes before 7am every day. Any activity is good for us and Oz says that exercise will help us sleep better and we all know a better night’s sleep helps our body regenerate and we will live longer. Finally, it has been proven that sitting for long periods of time increases our risk for trifecta diseases. Oz says we need to stand for 5 minutes and move around for every hour that we are sitting. Again, moving is good so if you work at a computer, get into the habit of going to get some water or just stand and stretch for a few minutes and you will live longer.

Many of us think we have already done too much damage to our body to fix it. Oz says that making lifestyle changes will improve your body in as little as 6 weeks. Our body is great at repairing itself if we give it the right nutrients to do the job. First, Oz says we need 4 tablespoons of tomato paste a day. Tomato paste helps lower cholesterol and that will help you lower your risk for heart disease.

Next, Calcium helps the kidneys function. Oz says most of us think kidney stones are caused by calcium but they are actually caused by not having the right kind of calcium. Oz says we need 1200mg of calcium daily and he recommends getting it from leafy green veggies like Kale and Spinach. He says that is why he uses them in his famous green drink because they are so good for you.

Third, Pomegranate Seeds are a proven cancer fighter. Oz says we need one cup of these daily to help slow down or even prevent cancer from coming. Finally, we all know the liver is a giant filter. Oz has talked about how it can get clogged up and that is not a good thing. He says we need to eat Avocados to help our liver stay healthy and repair itself. Just two per week is enough to get the process started.

Now oz says we think of wheat when someone talks about grains. Oz has Heidi Skolnik on the show to talk about Super Grains that we have never heard of. First is Teff and it is a little sweeter than wheat and it is 40% resistant starch and it is so small it can’t be refined. Oz says that refined grains are not good for us. Teff is loaded with calcium and it stays in your intestine to keep you full. Heidi says we are too addicted to “Carbage” and we need more good carbs. Carbage is stuff like potato chips that load you up and have no health benefits.

Next, we get Millet and it is high in magnesium and B Vitamins. Oz says it look a lot like a grit. Oz says to make sure it is hulled and not pearled, keep it in a tight jar, and refrigerate in hot weather. Now Oz says he has the grain that kept Noah going on the Ark. It is called Kamut and it is loaded with protein. Half a cup of this super grain has more protein than an egg and is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This is like a high energy wheat and will give your metabolism a turbo boost. Finally, Buckwheat is a gluten free grain that will actually help lower your cholesterol and improve your circulation.

So how do we tell what grains our foods have in them and what is good for us? Oz says to avoid Bran because it is not a grain. Bran is the outside of the grain and has none of the health benefits of a whole grain. He says we need to stay away from multi grain products because we may be getting bad grains mixed in with good ones. If a product says fiber on the label that doesn’t mean you are getting a whole grain. Always go for the oatmeal instead of a product that says “fiber” on the label. If you are shopping, then look for 100% whole grain on your labels or the words “whole” in the ingredients. If you don’t see those words go to another product.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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