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3 Day Detox Plan And Hormone Balancing For Weight Loss On Dr. Oz Show Today 3/7/2013

Dr. Oz, March 7, 2013, talks about the Hormone Diet and how we can tap our secret fat loss hormones to get our weight down and he has a 3 day detox plan to reset your body. This show featured Dr. Natasha Turner, author of “The Hormone Diet, and Dr. Mark Hyman to focus on two different ways we can reset our bodies to start losing weight. The detox plan is the hardest part of the recommendations as it involves just drinking smoothies for three whole days but it does make you feel a lot better.


Turner focused on how important our hormones are in helping us achieve our weight loss goals. She gives us detailed ways to check to see if we have hormonal imbalance and suggests a lot of easy steps to get them back in order. This is similar to prior guests who talked about getting our blood sugar levels steady so we can actually lose weight. Seems like balance is a major theme for any of these new weight loss plans Oz is talking about these days.

Hyman talks about the need for a detox. Oz has said many times that our bodies can get so bogged down with impurities that it slows us down and makes it impossible to lose weight. We have over 80,000 toxins in our bodies at any given time and if our systems are not dealing with them properly, we will never be healthy or fit. he developed a simple three day detox plan that anyone can stick to because it lasts only three days. I tried this and it was hard but I felt a lot better after the three days. I actually did it again after 2 months.

Now this show originally aired on November 12, 2012 and we already have a full recap with all the details you can read by clicking here.


  1. Katie Holloman says

    I am a nursing mother rightnow, but would like to try the 3 day Detox to give me a boost on losing this belly fat. Can I do this Detox while nursing? Also, I’m allergic to bananas, what can I substitue for it? Thank you so much for your time.

  2. Robert Gunnells says

    My writers recap the show as it happens and do miss things from time to time as they do it while the show is airing. I did a little research and found a printable version of the whole detox plan on Oz’s web site. I placed it in the body of this article as a link. It makes no mention of a 4th shake either but it does give an easy to read formula for doing the detox. Hope that helps.

  3. Mary says

    Mr. Gunnells, I disagree with you. All one can see are different types of shakes and not the one mentioned
    specifically developed by Dr. Oz and his group on the show that aired 03/07/13. This is very disappointing.

  4. Anamaria says

    Hi Dr oz
    I have a question I would like to know why does my body crave so much sweets ?

  5. Joyce says

    I’m very upset with you Dr.Oz . Nobody can find the information on the 3 day detox shakes.

  6. tressa says

    I have looked all over for the 3 day detox shakes.Cant find it. Can anyone tell me the website link to find this? Or can someone post it for me and everyone eles.Thank you

  7. solange aderholdt says

    I will like to get today,s tree days detox shoping list and recipies for the detox. Thank you.

  8. Robert Gunnells says

    You can click the link to our full recap and all the shake recipes are there along with the details of the whole show.

  9. Paula Brown says

    My question is: I have been on coumadin for 20 + years because I have had 2 clots in my leg. Everyone always talks about eating all the green vegetables a person can for disease prevention, losing weight etc. I have always been cautioned by my physicians to stay away from dark green vegetables. The blood control on coumadin is so hard to stay in range so I avoid the vegetables that have Vit k in them. Not all people can eat an abundance of grren vegetables so what is the recommendation for alternatives to this issue or is there one. I mostly eat beans,potatoes,carrots and thats about it for veggies. I have never heard of this situation on your show. Thanks, Paula

  10. ann hannon chin says

    love your show. im 60 yrs old work in the catering buisness.having serius problem with rigth hip.heve tried everything.go to phy theraphy .not helping . have tests done .all comes back negetive.please pleas help me dr oz.

  11. Gail Wright says

    Dr. Oz, I went to the library to print out the 3-day detox plan. Where the chart should have been was blank. The only thing on three pages was small pictures with wording under them. I wanted to print this because I don’t have internet at home. I thought you might like to know this.

  12. linda vandenberg says

    Please tell me how to get to the 3 day detox shakes so I can do this. I just get different types of sites

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