Health Scams And Fraud Exposed On Dr. Oz Show Today 3/18/2013

Dr. Oz, March 18. 2013, is taking onthe health scams that he says endanger our live today and he has the help of famous Investigative TV Reporters Jeff Rossen, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, and Anthony Melchiorri to expose these dangers. Oz is always talking about the importance of being able to read food labels and how companies actually use deceptive terms to make us thin we are getting healthy products that are just as bad as regular products. He has devoted two shows this season to exposing the facts about food labels and deceptive advertising.

Today’s show focuses on a variety of areas. Jeff Rossen goes undercover to expose misleading diet products and actually does a segment on the contaminated air inside and Ice Hockey Rink that may be putting your kids in danger. Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is known for exposing problem areas in the medical industry. Her no nonsense approach works to empower the health consumer as to what you can demand and expect from your health care providers. Anthony Melchiorri is known for his exposure of the hotel and travel industries worst secrets. He will be showing us the hidden dangers we need to look for in our Hotel rooms and air travel.

Oz says 1 in 10 of us will be a victim of a health scam or some type of fraud this year. He says this gives honest companies problems when people tend to blame a whole industry for the malpractice of just one entity. This will be an interesting show so please make sure you check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about today. We bring you all the latest Dr. Oz updates five days a week in easy to read and understand terms.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz Show


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