Eat Your Way Thin And Reset Metabolism On Dr. Oz Show Today 4/9/2013

Dr. Oz, April 9, 2013, has special guest Haylie Pomroy back on the show to tell us how to reset our metabolism to eat our way to a thinner body. Pomroy was on the show earlier this year talking about her Metabolism Diet and how we need to eat to actually lose weight. Today, she is telling us the latest news that shows we can actually reset our fat burning furnace in three simple steps. Oz also has Dr. Tod Cooperman to tell us exactly what is on those vitamins we are taking.

Pomroy says we need to follow a three step plan to reset our metabolism so we burn more fat and lose weight. Her Fast Metabolism Diet is a four week eating plan that gives you 3 full meals and two snacks each day. She deals wit certain myths about dieting like “if you eat less yo will lose weight.” Pomroy says this is simply not true because when we eat less, our body goes into preservation mode and your metabolism actually slows down.

The second myth she tackles is that diet food has to be bland and tasteless. She says we need to enjoy what we eat in order for our body to release those feel good hormones. Learning to eat healthy food that tastes great is the key here. Finally, Haylie says dieting is a lot more than just calories in verses calories out. She says we need to focus on nutritional value because calories can be misleading. A 100 calorie serving of butternut squash does your body much more service than a 100 calorie pack of cookies.

Finally, Oz will test the most popular brands of vitamins and let us know exactly what we are getting. Are you getting what you pay for in your vitamins? Tune in today to find out.

If you miss the show today please check back here on CMR for our full recap of the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

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  1. Sylvia Thompson says

    Cannot locate vitamin information Dr. Oz said could be found for only 24 hours of telecast.

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