Embarassing Questions, Poop And Pee Signs For Health Problems: Dr. Oz Recap 4/10/2013

Dr. Oz, April 10, 2013, starts the show today saying that we need to tell our doctors everything no matter how embarrassing. He knows we get too shy to ask some personal things that are embarrassing and he wants us to know that we are not alone. The first question is about an itchy rear end. One woman says that her family is always talking about how she is picking at her backside constantly.

Oz says this can be caused by a lot of things but the biggest problem is with your tissue. He says that cheap tissue is like sand paper back there and you need to wipe as little as possible. If you are irritated back there, Oz says to use Witch Hazel as it will help heal the skin and it will also soothe the area.

The next question is about sweating under your bra. Oz says we are prone to seating wherever our skin overlaps. He says you need to use an underwire bra to keep the sweat off your clothes. There are also adhesive strips that will keep your bra from sagging and you won’t sweat as much. do you bruise around your neck and get embarrassing red spots that look like hickeys? Oz says if you are getting these and not engaging in any activity that would cause this, then you may be allergic to the Nickel in your jewelry.

The next question is about passing gas from your intimate area if you are a woman. Dr. Suzanne Gilberg Lenz comes out and says this is very common and more than 20% of women have the problem. Passing gas out of your rear is when air from inside your body gets expelled. Passing gas from your private area comes from air getting sucking into your privates. She suggests that you do some exercises to learn more control over your private parts and try to hold it if you have to pass vaginal gas at an embarrassing moment.

Now Oz has a little lighter segment with peoples bathroom stories. First, we get a woman who had toilet paper stuck in her pants as she exited an airplane bathroom. She left a trail all the way to her seat before she noticed the problem. Next, we get a woman who was visiting a friend’s family and had a little bowel problem. She went into the bathroom and had a bit of a noisy session. When she cam out, the grandmother was waiting at the door with some antacid.

Now we get a new use for Olive Oil. Oz said we can use it if our kids get stuck in places or if they have children’s toilets stuck over their heads. Just lubricate the area and gently slide the object off.

Oz gets into one of his favorite subjects: Poop. Now we all know he has been saying that our poop should come out in a “S” shape if we are healthy. If you get pellets or watery poop, then you may have hydration problems or even IBS. He gives us his Oz approved Poop guide. First,normal poop is brown. Next, if your poop is green it could mean your digestive system is working fast and you ate some colored food. Yellow poop is a sign of Gall Bladder Problems. White Poop is a symptom of Pancreatic Cancer. Red Poop is when we have blood in our stool. Black Poop could be a sign of upper GI bleeding or a stomach ulcer.

Next, Oz gives us his complete guide to Pee. First, he says we should go about 4 to 8 times a day and we should expel about 8 ounces each time. If you go less you could be dehydrated and if you don’t expel 8 ounces you could have problems emptying your bladder. If your urine smells sweet it could be a sign of too much sugar in your blood. Now what color should your urine be? Oz says tea colored urine is a sign of possible liver disease and you need to see your doctor. Bright yellow urine is healthy as it means you have vitamin B present. Cloudy urine is a sign of kidney stones or an infection. Clear urine is what you should strive for as it means you are properly hydrated and everything is working fine.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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