Dr. Oz Recap 4/18/2013: Pumpkin Seed Oil, Aquaphor, Vegetable Powder, And Sofia Vergara Interview

Dr. Oz, April 18, 2013, starts off with Actress Sofia Vergara and her struggles to achieve success in Hollywood and her struggles with thyroid cancer. Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 28 and had to have the gland removed. This forced her to make lifestyle changes and take medication to keep her metabolism working properly. Sofia tells the audience that everyone needs to have their thyroid checked because it can save your life. She also talks about her struggles in Hollywood when directors told her she needed to lose weight.

Vergara says that the Latin culture she was raised in celebrates women’s curves but that is not the case in America. Vergara refused to get a breast reduction but did go on a healthy lifestyle plan to give her the body she is now famous for. One thing Oz lets her get by with is that she says she has frozen some eggs in case she wants another child. Oz should have let he know the dangers of this as he did a show in it last year.

Dr. Jordan Gellar is Sofia’s doctor and he comes on to give us a run down of what the thyroid does. He says if you have fatigue, sudden weight gain, become sensitive to cold, or have brittle nails and skin, then you need to have your thyroid tested. If someone in your family has had hypothyroidism than you need to be checked also because it is hereditary. We get a self test here and Gellar says just put two fingers on your collar bone at the area where it comes to your throat. If you can feel something moving up and down when you swallow then you need to get checked by doctor.

Now Oz has a little fun as Vergara says she is great at diagnosing health problems. She claims all of her friends come to her for advice and she has correctly diagnosed both her son and her husband. Oz gives her a test. First, he asks about someone who is very tired, has a runny nose, sneezes non stop, and has itchy eyes mainly in the morning. Vergara says this sounds like an allergy problem and she is right. Next, Oz asks about someone who has a crusty rash on the backs of the knees and on the arms. Sofia is right again when she says it is eczema. Finally, Oz asks about someone who gets severe cramps under the ribs about an hour after eating a fatty meal. He says this pain continues for about an hour. Sofia guesses this is an ulcer but Oz says it is a sign of gallstones. Two out of three is pretty good and Oz makes her an honorary doctor for a day.

Now Oz gives us his best kept secrets for staying healthy. First, he says vegetable powder is a great energy booster because it is like eating 31 different veggies at the same time. Oz says the potassium will help you sleep if you take it with your dinner. Oz says to just add a tablespoon to your evening meal by putting it in your sauces. He also says it is the perfect way to start your day and you can just add a tablespoon to a glass of orange juice. The health benefits are that it will help women get more iron and it provides an energy boost. Oz says you need to look for vegetable powder that uses a low temperature dying process, has no additives, includes only vegetable ingredients, and you recognize all of these ingredients. As always, it is important to read the label.

The next health secret is Pumpkin Seed Oil. Oz says this oil will actually help lower your LDL cholesterol levels and it is a proven way to lower blood pressure. Just substitute this for your normal cooking oil. Oz says we can also use it to make salad dressing and he drizzles it over his pancakes for a healthy breakfast. Oz says you need 2 tablespoons a day and make sure you are buying 100% pumpkin seed oil.

Dr. Rosmarie Ingleton comes on the show for the next secret. She tells Oz that Aquaphor is the duct tape of dermatology. You can use it on cracked dry skin and it is a great way to get your cuts and scrapes healing faster. Oz says his viewers had some great ways to use this including spreading on lips instead of lip gloss, rubbing into your cheeks for a healthy glow, you can put it on your scalp before you dye your hair to protect the skin, and it is a great way to cure diaper rash.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. June says

    what is the brand name of the vegetable powder so i can get it…Aquaphor can be bought at walmart

  2. Brenda says

    My sister and my son have always had the fingernail area issue that was pictured on the show. I would love them to start using Aquaphor to help their condition. Going to get some for both of them!

  3. C.Freeman says

    I have used and recommend Aquaphor to others for aging facial wrinkles and signs of moisture loss on any extremities . I would love to have the complimentary sample offered on Dr. Oz, to use while camping in beautiful (but arid ) Colorado. Our high altitude increases our sun exposure and dryness. Thanks very much.

  4. Barb Hayden says

    I was excited by what was said about Aquaphor and I even went out and bought a jar that was over twenty dollars got it home opened it and thought what this is exactly like Vaseline, that has been around all my life. So I’m still going to try it but I think it is what we call Vaseline in Canada maybe you don’t have that in the states. Just struck me as funny how Dr Oz and a Dermatologist were touting this Aquaphor that I think is Vaseline so correct me if I’m wrong and I am going to try it cause I bought it even though I had a small jar of Vaseline in my night stand.

  5. Lavette Sims says

    I would love to try Aquaphor for eczema. I’ve had it for 20 yrs and i need something that would give me relief.

  6. L. Dale says

    My heels get very cracked.Sometimes I have to use crazy glue. Can you buy aquaphor in Canada?

  7. Joyce bergrud says

    I wash my hands tons of times a day especially when I am babysitting my grandchildren. My hands are so chapped and I would love to try aquaphor. Thanks for your consideration!

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