Paleo Diet Explained And Daphne Oz Remedies Today: Dr. Oz Recap 4/22/2013


Dr. Oz, April 22, 2013, opens by saying he will be talking about eating like a caveman today as he looks into the Paleo Diet. Dr. Loren Cordain, who wrote the book “The Paleo Diet”, is on the show along with Nell Stephenson, who wrote “Paleoista,” and both will be giving Oz the basics of why this diet works where others fail. Cordain explains that this is not another “all protein and no carb” diet like other programs. She says the Paleo Diet focuses on lean proteins and veggies that are low on the glycemic index so you won’t have sugar spikes in your blood.

Cordain goes on to say that inflammation is the main reason we are not healthy today. She says this diet is designed to keep inflammation low and allow the body to function properly. Many people find that it reduces things like heart disease. Oz questions whether this is just another fad diet. Cordain and Stephenson both say no. Stephenson says people have been eating like this for thousands of years. He says this is a balanced diet that gives you nutrients from sources that won’t cause your body to reject them.

Oz did say that the meats like grass fed beef, free range poultry, and wild salmon are the best choices and we should all use them as much as possible. He also went on to say that avocados and coconut oil are healthy fats. Of course, he has always talked about the benefits of nuts and fresh fruits and veggies. Oz asked why the diet didn’t include dairy? Stephenson said it was because dairy is one of the biggest sources of inflammation. Oz should know this as he just did a show on how to go dairy free last week.

The paleo diet also eliminates whole grains, legumes, and refined sugars. Oz is strangely silent when he see one of his favorite staples on the list. Legumes are one of this go to foods. Both Stephenson and Cordain say this is no fast acting diet. They say you will lose weight slowly for the maximum health benefits. Slow and steady weight loss is what Oz has said to be the best for long term benefits.

So how does this diet work? Well the rules are pretty simple. Each meal you eat should have 2/3 of your plate made of fresh veggies. You get one palm sized lean protein, a small portion of healthy fat like an avocado slice, and a few pieces of fruit. Stephenson also point out that you don’t have to count calories on this diet. She says if you follow the above rules each meal, then you will have no problems. One thing she suggested was to use dinner leftovers for breakfast. I remember doing this in college and cold pizza was one of my most consumed items.

Stephenson says that if you try this diet for 30 days, you will find that you don’t crave those unhealthy foods you used to. She also says it is ok to cheat every once in a while and suggests that we give ourselves up to three cheat meals a week. So what would a paleo meal look like? We get a breakfast smoothie recipe that makes Oz cringe at first. Just mix 8 ounces of herbal tea, 1/2 avocado, 2 soft boiled eggs, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup spinach, 1 tbsp coconut, 1 tablespoon flaxseed, 1/2 tsp ginger, and 1/2 tsp turmeric in a blender until smooth. Now this doesn’t sound too appetizing and I can see why you will feel full after drinking all of this for breakfast. Oz did hesitate but he said it tasted great.

Cordain says this diet has helped a lot of people with disease. We see one woman who has had thyroid issues for years. After finding the Paleo Diet, she has lost over 35 pounds and says she feels better now than when she was 20. Another woman says this diet has helped her overcome MS. Now she admitted that she wasn’t cured but she says the diet has helped keep her symptoms down. Cordain chimes in that MS could be partly due to a leaky gut and keeping inflammation down is a key to correcting this issue.

Now we see Daphne Oz come out and she has a new book called “Relish.” She quizzes her dad on the events in her life like when she got her first kiss. He did remember most of them. I really respect Daphne as she has made her own way by going to culinary school, having her own TV Show called The Chew, and how she faced her demons as an overweight member of a healthy house hold. We are here for the competition though and it is Oz vs. Oz in who can come up with the best home remedies. The first challenge was for a healthy breakfast drink. We all know about Oz’s famous green drink but Daphne pulled off a fast one with her drink. She wins this round. Next, it was a face mask. Daphne wins again with her simple fruit filled mask. Finally, we get to a cure for a hangover. Oz wins this one but his drink is a bit complicated. So it looks like Daphne may be taking over as the health expert in the family.

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