New Belly Blasters That Work On Dr. Oz Show Today 4/29/2013

Dr. Oz, April 29, 2013, has new ways to blast away belly fat and get you slimmer in no time today to kick off Cleansing Week. Anyone who has ever watched Oz knows that cortisol is one of the biggest reasons we store fat around our mid section. Our body produces cortisol when we are stressed so managing stress will go a long way in keeping your belly smaller. In the past, we have gotten such foods as sauerkraut to help get rid of belly fat.

Oz did a show where he talked about our Omentum. The Omentum is the layer of fat that sits between our organs and our muscles. This is hard to get rid of but exercise helps. Safflower is another super belly buster that Oz has recommended along with Montel Williams who lost 2 inches off his belly in less than 60 days just by using the extract. Calcium Pyruvate is one thing Oz has recommended and it allows cells to release fat and shrink. so what will the new Belly Blasters be on today’s show? Tune in to the show or check back here on CMR for all the details.

You might wonder why Dr. Oz would be doing a fat fighting show during his cleanse week. We all know that diets don’t work sometimes until we detox our body. toxins rob our digestive system of the things it needs to function properly. By giving us a fat fighter show, we will be ready to get our diet on track and finally lose the weight after we detox our body with one of the many methods he will present this week.

We bring you all the latest Oz news five days a week, so check back here on CMR for our full recap of this show later today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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