Survivor Caramoan Finale 5/12/2013: Vote For Your Winner Poll

Survivor Caramoan finishes the season tonight with a two hour finale where one of the final five will be a lot richer. Cochran has played masterfully this season and has gotten his way in most of the tribal councils. He has broken up the players he saw as a threat to his dominance with stealth and cunning. Last week, we saw how Brenda got blindsided and was sent to the jury. The jury plays a big role in who wins this game so what do you think will happen tonight? Who will win Survivor Caramoan? Please take our poll at the bottom of this page.

Dawn, Sherri, Cochran, Eddie, and Erik all think they have a fair chance tonight. The teaser video for tonight’s episode hints that one of the final five has some kind of medical emergency. We see Jeff Probst visiting the camp to tell everyone that something major has just shook up the game like never before. What could shake up the game so badly? Will the front runner Cochran get sick?

We will admit that we are big Cochran fans and remember him well from his first time on the show. He was a scrawny and whiny little nerd that looked so out of place on a show like survivor. We watched every week just knowing it would be the week he got eliminated because he let everyone manipulate him. His return showed a new and improved contestant. He had learned to use his mind to manipulate the others into giving him what he wanted. It was pure pleasure watching a geek rule the roost each week on Caramoan.

So who do you think will win Survivor Caramoan? Take our poll below to let us know. We will be bringing you the results as they happen tonight on the finale and will reveal our readers choice to compare with the actual results.

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