L-Carnitine Risks, Superbugs In Meat, Tony Robbins: Dr. Oz Recap 5/22/2013

Dr. Oz, May 22, 2013, opens with Tony Robbins and how this self help guru overcame weight gain and learned to take charge of his life. Robbins says he lives for love and when he gained a lot of fame he wanted to do all of this stuff and his friends said he was into money. He grew 10 inches in one year due to a tumor in his pituitary gland. It shrank but it is still there but it shrank. Oz shows Tony a brain and the pituitary gland. Funny, his hands are so big that he couldn’t get the purple gloves and had to use green ones.

Oz explains that when the pituitary puts out too much growth hormone, your body grows and some parts may not be able to keep up. Oz says your organs may grow too large or stay small and this could be bad. Oz goes back to how to change your life. Tony says people need inspiration or desperation to change. He said he started running until he got into a state where he could change emotionally. He made a list of things he wanted to change and then he learned how to change them. He says he hates seeing people suffer and that is what got him into helping others. Tony says the biggest lesson is life is uncertain and we need to learn to focus on others, we will gain insight into ourselves. If we focus on ourselves we will get stuck in a rut.

Now Tony gives three simple steps to get a breakthrough in our life. First, you need to come up with a strategy for change. Tony says many people overlook the answers because we limit ourselves. The second part is to change your story. You have to quit making excuses and go for it. Finally, you need t change your state. By starting to change the way you look at things you will succeed. Gail, a person who was changed by Tony, talks about her life has changed because she used his plan to lose over 100 pounds in one year. Tony says she was telling herself she was a failure when she was not. He says this is the key to taking charge of your life and your health.

Tony now gives out his personal ways to change. He calls this 15 minutes to Fulfillment. First, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you have to get your brain going and he says take a quick walk or jump on a mini trampoline. Second, keep a journal and write down 12 things you are greatful for each day. Finally, you need to take 5 minutes to envision how your day will go. He says by doing this you will change you mind to a positive attitude. He says whatever we speak effects us emotionally. If we engage our body and speak something over and over again, our brain actually reacts to this and it will help you change. He gives a mantra and he says “All I Need Is Within Me Now!” If you yell this to yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes, you will finally start believing it and you will change.

Now Oz shifts gears and talks about some serious health concerns. Dr. Tanya Edwards is on and she says that new studies show that too much calcium can lead to dangerous health problems. Excess calcium may not get flushed out and it could be stored in tissue and arteries. She says we should try to get all the calcium we need from our food. She says we need 1000 to 1200 mg a day only. Tanya says Greek Yogurt has 415mg, 1 cup of collard greens has 350mg, 3ounces of canned salmon has 180mg, and 1/2 cup of white beans has 100mg. Oz said we may still need a supplement and he recommends getting 600mg calcium, 400mg of magnesium, and 1000iu of vitamin D3.

The next health danger is from L-Carnitine and Oz has recommended this as a supplement before. Ashley Koff says how we react to L-Carnitine depends on our gut and the bacteria in it. We get L-Carnitine from red meat and it is responsible for heart problems and not the fat and cholesterol. Dr. Michael Gregor says we need to make one day a week a “meat free” day. He also says we should try to replace red meat with healthier choices like beans. He says we should also limit our red meat by looking at meat as a side dish and not the main course. Another guest has suggested this earlier this year in his diet plan.

Oz says he has asked us to use L-Carnitine as a supplement in the past and now he says he has changed his mind after seeing these new studies. Gregor says we should stay away from L-Carnitine supplements and Oz agrees. Gregor also mentions that you can be getting L-Carnitine from energy drinks so you need to check the labels to make sure it is not in the ones you use. Ashley says you can limit the effects of L-carnitine eating foods like lemons, change where you get your protein and get it from plant based foods, and taking a probiotic after you eat red meat.

Dr. Urvashi Rangan and Heather White come on the show and they say we are being exposed to super bugs through our meat. We all know about the dangers of super bugs from Oz’s show earlier this year and how antibiotic overuse is causing this problem. Rangan says most of the meat we get in the grocery store has been injected with antibiotics that are passed on to us. This means you won’t be able to fight off disease if you get an infection. Rangan gave some startling percentages of the amount of superbugs in our meat supply. She said 81% of ground turkey, 65% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef, and 39% of chicken is contaminated with these super bugs.

Oz says this worries him and he recommends we limit the amount of meat we eat. He says we should make sure that the meat we buy is raised without antibiotics. You should buy meat that is USDA Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved, or Certified Humane. He says we should also make sure we store and serve our meats in proper ways to limit the exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Oz says they reached out to the FDA for clarification and the organization said this report was oversimplified.

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