Ginko Biloba Dangerous? New Reason For Exhaustion On Dr. Oz Today 5/29/2013

Dr. Oz, May 29, 2013, talks about the possible dangers of taking Ginko Biloba and he reveals the new reason you may be exhausted all the time. Guests today are Dr. Elizabeth Boham, Dr. Russell Greenfield, and Peggy Brill who will talk about new ways to get your energy back along with a discussion on the popular supplement that even Dr. Oz has recommended in the past. Will we see Oz change his opinion on another supplement today? He recently changed his opinion about L-Carnitine after new studies showed it posed a danger.

We have seen many guests on Oz talk about the benefits of Ginko Biloba and how it can help keep disease like Alzheimer’s away or slowing the progress of it. Doctor Oz has recommended it as a supplement to boost our brain power and for years, most doctors thought this supplement had virtually no risk involved with taking it. New studies say that this supplement may cause cancer. Mice in laboratory tests developed multiple cancers in their livers and the number of different cancers was high. So should we stop taking Ginko Biloba now? Tune in to the show to find out.

A lot of us seem to be in a constant state of exhaustion no matter what we do. Oz says he has found a new cause that may shock us. There is a simple test we will get that includes just a glass of water and your saliva to see if you have this condition. We also have a doctor that gives us new ways to boost our energy levels. Oz promises three easy steps to get rid of your exhaustion and give you the energy boost you need to make it through the day.

If you miss the show today, please check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news about exhaustion and Ginko biloba. You will find the article in our “Latest News” section on the right sidebar when it is published later today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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