Yeast Imbalance Test And Ginko Biloba Dangers: Dr. Oz Recap 5/29/2013

Dr. Oz, May 29, 2013, has Dr. Elisabeth Boham talking about how yeast imbalance can be causing you to be tired all the time. She says doctors are not trained to look for yeast overgrowth. Boham says this is why so many of us go to the doctor and never get our exhaustion fixed. There is a simple test to see if you have a yeast imbalance and Boham gives us a demonstration.

Take a clear glass of water and spit in it and leave it for 15 minutes. If it floats you are fine but if there are tentacles extending down or sediment in the bottom then you have yeast overgrowth. This can cause fatigue and inflammation in the body and could be the reason you feel so tired all the time. Oz says this is because you are unbalanced in your gut and there is not enough good bacteria.

Elisabeth says the overuse of antibiotics is one cause of this and the other is a poor diet that is high in alcohol, sugar, and other foods that are bad for you. Oz says eating sugar causes the good bacteria to lessen and the yeast then starts to spill over in your body. If you have athletes foot, recurring yeast infections, itching in the posterior, and irritable bowel syndrome, you could have a yeast imbalance that is causing you to be tired all the time.

The first step to get your yeast back in balance is to cut out all sugar for two weeks and cut back on refined carbs for two weeks. You want to eat fermented foods like kimchi and eat a lot of fiber. Quinoa, nuts, and kale are great sources of nutrients that will help get the good bacteria growing again. You will also need a probiotic supplement that has at least 25 billion active cultures. Finally, we need to eat two cloves of raw garlic a day to keep the yeast down. Thyme tincture can be used daily also and you can use the oil straight on your skin if you have fungus like athlete’s foot. Boham says it may take a couple of months to see results depending on how bad our bacteria is deteriorated.

Now Oz talks about ginko biloba and asks if it is safe. He says it has been used for centuries and it is one of the most widely used herbal remedies and it is a $200 million dollar a year industry. The FDA has recently asked some energy drink makers to remove the herb from their product and new studies show it may be dangerous. Oz says ginko biloba is supposed to help blood flow to the brain and all over the body. This extra blood flow is supposed to wake up your brain and give you more energy. It has been used to treat headache and other problems.

Oz says new science shows Dr. Russell Greenfield says a recent study shows that high doses of ginko causes cancer. Natural health advocates say the study was flawed because it used high dosages and the used a different type of ginko that is used in the supplements. Russell says these studies do not give enough evidence to make a final decision. He says he would not recommend it to his patients just to boost their memory. Russell adds that if you already have Alzheimer’s then you may benefit from taking this supplement. Oz says he does not recommend it for a tool to sharpen memory and boost your brain. He says there are better ways to boost your brain without the risks.

Oz plays a game to show us which foods are the best brain boosters. First, which breakfast staple is the best for your memory? It is eggs because the may help reduce dimentia. Next, which salad topping offers the best way to boost mental performance? It is beets because the improve focus and concentration. Third, which dinner protein can protect your memory? It is shrimp because it has vitamin B12. Finally, are bay leaves or rosemary better for your memory? It is rosemary and just the smell enhances memory.

Now Dr. Oz talks about knee pain. He takes a viewer to an anatomy lab to show her what has happened to a person’s knees. We see fluid and other stuff inside the knee and can actually see arthritis. He says knee pain is the biggest complaint that most people have. Oz suffered from knee pain years ago and decided to find alternatives to surgery and he has some exercises we can do to keep our knees working properly.

First, lay down on one side with your feet together. Open and close your knees like a clam for 15 to 20 reps. this will strengthen your Gluteus Medius muscle. Next, take a foam roller and roll it back and forth over the outside of your thigh. this works the Iliotibial Band muscle. The last exercise deals with stretching the foot. Just stand on one foot and arch it in to create a cup or dome shape. this helps keep the middle of your foot strong and will help your balance.

If you have knee pain, Oz says the best treatment is to simply use ice on the area. He says taking an Omega 3 supplement will also help with inflammation in the knee.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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