Adam Lambert Or Adam Levine: Which One Really Loves America?

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine is making headlines after muttering a controversial remark during The Voice on Tuesday night. This morning Adam Lambert took to his official Twitter to joke about the controversy, tweeting, “I love this country!” Levine’s comment during The Voice came after two of his team members were voted off the singing competition. He is heard saying, “I hate this country.” Was he voicing contempt for America as a country? Unlikely, as he was obviously referring to the members of American public that call in to vote for contestants on the show. This may stem from the host’s comment of “America saved” just before announcing each finalist who will continue on the show.

What makes Lambert’s tweet today particularly funny is that he is often mistaken for Levine in the media. Even highly credible sources such as The Chicago Tribune and Fox News have been known to confuse them. In fact, it is now such a commonly known mistake among Lambert’s fans that most instantly knew what he was referring to when he tweeted this morning. What also makes this comical to many is that other than having the same first name and first initial in their last name, Lambert and Levine have little else in common. Of course both are pop stars and there is the reality show connection (Levine judges The Voice and Lambert was a contestant on American Idol). However, they don’t seem to travel in the same circles and have never been spotted together. Levine even accidentally slammed Lambert on The Voice in the past, stating he was unfamiliar with Lambert’s Grammy-nominated song.

After Adam Lambert’s tweet this morning, this is one time Adam Levine would probably prefer to be confused with Lambert. Levine has released a statement about his comment, but Lambert obviously comes across as the better person when you compare their remarks, especially if one does not know the context.

Do you think Adam Levine’s comment was justified by his frustration, or did he go too far? Did Adam Lambert have the last laugh?

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  1. Maleka says

    Understand A. Levine’s frustration….remember our frustration when Adam Lambert didn’t win Idol? I love Judith – she was trying to make it “on her own” – not capitalizing on the M. Jackson connection…yet it followed her. Hopefully this “Voice” platform will help boost her career as Idol did for Adam. Let’s move on – no big deal!!!

  2. mimiMH says

    Note to Adam Levine: You have a “hot” mike. It’s not ok to say you hate anything…country, country music, voting public etc. Ok, you could have said: I hate this part (the contestants getting voted off). Adam Levine had better be glad for country music at this point; the only contestant he has left is a country one. Can’t believe anyone would ever confuse Adam Lambert with Adam Levine. First, Adam Levine cannot hold a candle to Adam Lambert in singing, personality, dress, humility., etc. After Levine made the infamous remark on the first season of The Voice regarding the song Nakia sang (GRAMMY NOMINATED WHATAYA WANT FROM ME, ADAM LAMBERT), he rapidly sought a microphone and announcer to apologize saying “Boy Adam Lambert’s fans are passionate,” meaning we had been tweeting him reminding him that yes, Lambert has an army of Glamberts and that his name was next to Adam’s on the Grammy list so don’t pretend you don’t know whose song it is. Despite not being voted the winner of American Idol by “this country’s votes,” and despite the fact that it appears that the USA doesn’t accept him the way other countries do, the classy Adam Lambert still loves his country. Take a lesson, Adam Levine….by the way, when is the last international concert you have played, Mr. Levine? You may have to start booking them.

  3. Axel says

    Hello fellow Glamberts ! About this confusion…I still remember this article in some website…showing pictures of Adam Lambert at a gas station etc… and adjacent to it, some text, clearly describing the pictures and stating several times that the person in the picture is… Adam Levine…

  4. Liz says

    Adam Levine is a great talent..I am a Maroon Five fan. Having said that, I believe the problem lies with the fact that THE VOICE allowed a woman who has had a professional career with a high profile artist should not be allowed to compete against singers that are true amateurs. Back up singer, experience on stage….come on, give the American voters a heads up for voting her off and acknowledging the fact that she has a professional background. The American voters got it right. Adam thought he had a “shoe in”…WRONG!!!

  5. Kat says

    I knew it since 2010 that “Mr. Adam Levine” is such an idiot when he said he didnt even know who Adam Lambert is on The Voice. I KNEW THAT HE IS JUST A ******HOLE. But seriously Mr. Levine, I strongly suggest you to THINK before you actually TALK. What’s your brain for if you dont use them to think? C’mon.

  6. vice says

    Love love Lambert and like Maroon 5 – no opinion on Levine himself. But obviously the guy was only frustrated. He loves his country but he hates the way some of this country’s viewers voted; American Idol has suffered just the same bias from the voters. No Levine should know better to filter such comments out since nothing good can come of them

  7. imrah says

    Adam Lavine said never heard of the original song sung by Lambert but the contestant did better then original singer….That is how GOOD judge he is LOL…was it an accident slamming? You tell me.

  8. Konsue says

    As soon as I read Adam Lambert’s tweet, I knew what he was referring to. I’m sure Adam Levine was just frustrated and meant the voting public.

  9. Phyllis says

    Honestly think Adam Levine meant to say “I hate this country music.” Seriously, no accounting for people’s taste when they vote primarily for country type performers–including Levine’s own gal who was the only one who made it. It’s an indication of who watches this show and who really takes the time/has the time to vote. Both of the ladies who were eliminated were by far the best vocalists. So can certainly understand Levine’s frustration and, yes, anger over the results. It’s stupid to go further with his statement. He was referring to how people vote, and it’s not a reflection of his patriotism. While I love Adam Lambert, he should have remained silent on this. However, with the continual confusion of the two men, I can certainly understand why Lambert would have interjected to avoid being accused of this statement. Let it go people. It’s just not a big deal.

  10. cathy derosier says

    That Levine IS NOT EVEN NEAR ADAM!!!! Adam is the better person.theres nothing esle to say

  11. Nancy Johnson says

    Levine is an ass who is full of himself. Adam Lambert is close to perfect.

  12. Trish says

    Adam Lambert is a very witty, clever man. Most fans knew instantly what he was referring to. No confusion this time :)

  13. Random Medley says

    You know Renee, this is also not the first time Adam has come home from his concerts around the globe and said something similar. While he may indeed have been referring to Levine’s comment, he has stated several times how lucky we are in this country. As much as he loves traveling the world, there’s no place like home.

  14. annie says

    adam levine went to far saying he hates this country adam lambert is a way better person

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