Is Celebrity Wife Swap Suffering From Lack Of Participation?

The Summer Premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap gets underway tonight with another show that has no “wives” in a traditional sense of the word. Joan and Melissa Rivers will trade places with the Bristol and Willow Palin. Looks like both members of each family will swap out for the show here and that is deviating from the purpose of the series. Earlier this year, CWS got a lot of flack online when Kendra Wilkinson swapped out households with Kate Gosselin since Kate was not a wife. Does this show that ABC is having a hard time getting interesting couples to come on the show?

The Wife Swap shows were a hit with viewers when we see two very different families deal with one new member coming in and taking things over. Even the show with Gosselin was very funny to watch. The Rivers are very outspoken and will make for some great TV tonight. Bristol and Willow Palin are not really Celebrities. Neither of these two families are traditional and it looks like ABC is trying to milk its ratings by using the daughters of Sarah Palin, who still stirs up interest whenever she speaks out on topics. But is it good for the show itself and the brand?

We have seen many episodes of Celebrity Wife Swap that has left us laughing so hard we thought we would split open. The interaction of a newcomer, along with the sometimes shocking lifestyles of celebrities makes for great TV. There are plenty of different couples in Hollywood that would make this show hilarious and keep it true to its roots. so why all of the different types of families now? Maybe ABC is thinking it should highlight non traditional families now and maybe there just aren’t enough Celebrities willing to take on this task. A bad show here could present problems later in a Star’s career.

While this episode will be funny, we think Celebrity Wife Swap should stop trying to deviate from its roots and stick to providing us with real families that actually have a wife in them. If they want to make a show about other types of families then maybe a spin off is warranted. Or maybe they should at least look at a name change for the franchise. Seeing two sisters switch out with a mother and daughter is not what you would expect from a show called Celebrity Wife Swap and while these shows are usually funny, they just don’t fit the name. The show would be a lot better if it stuck to its roots.

If you read the synopsis from ABC is says, “This season, the mothers in two celebrity families with vastly diverse values switch homes (but not bedrooms) — embarking on a journey like no other and revealing the various ways some controversial celebrities live their lives. The two moms are given the chance to see how another celebrity raises their children and deals with life in the spotlight, while allowing both couples the opportunity to re-discover why they love each other and decided to get together in the first place. It’s a mind-blowing experiment that will change their lives forever.”

This is a great concept and ABC should try harder to stick with it.

Photo courtesy of ABC

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