Dr. Oz 6/25/2013: Dr. Jennifer Landa’s Fatigue Solutions, Lisa Lillien Emotional Eating Solutions

Dr. Oz, June 25, 2013, has a great show on new solutions to fight fatigue and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien comes out with ways to fight emotional eating. Dr. Landa says that fatigue is one of the biggest reasons we fail at our diet. She spent years looking at the sources of her own fatigue and how it effected her body and now she has a plan with simple ways to fight fatigue and get your diet on track. One of the best suggestions on this show was to use Dandelion Tea to detox the liver and give you more energy.

Our liver is the filter of our body and when the filter is clogged from years of overwork, it doesn’t function properly and our whole body suffers. Dandelion Tea actually helps clear out the liver and allow it to work properly. Landa says this is one of the biggest reasons people don’t lose weight on a diet because they have a liver that is not working at peak efficiency. Landa and Oz go over the functions of the thyroid and how to know if you have a problem. She recommends we use Monk Fruit as a sugar substitute and also talks about the energy zapping effects of drugs like prilosec and other heart burn medications. The simple solution to fight this is to add magnesium to your daily routine.

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien is always giving us some great ways to bulk up our meals without adding a load of calories and fat. Her simple substitutes make meals look a lot larger and it tricks our brain into thinking we are eating more than we actually are. Lisa realizes that a lot of people turn to food when they are upset and this can lead to weight gain. Most people try to tackle emotional eating by giving us ways to stay away from food but changing the way your brain works can take time. In typical Hungry Girl fashion, Lisa decides to gives us ways to eat emotionally without adding a lot of calories. She has some simple treats that we can snack on that won’t add inches to your belly.

Since this show was aired previously, we already have a full recap you can read here.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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