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Marilu Henner 7 Day Energy Plan, Awkward Medical Questions On Dr. Oz Today 7/4/2013

Dr. Oz, July 4, 2013, is celebrating our Independence Day with Marilu Henner and her 7 Day Energy Makeover and the top 5 most embarrassing questions of all time. The questions lead Oz to coins a few new terms like Jogasm and Moop. These 5 questions are very embarrassing but Oz clears the air by setting us straight on whether they are healthy or not. Since this show originally aired earlier this year, we already have a full recap you can read by clicking here. Read on for the highlights of today’s show.

Marilu Henner has come under fire for her decisions about how she raises her children. Years ago, she decided to go totally vegan and has even eliminated dairy totally from her diet. Oz questions her on these topics today and we get an inside view on how Marilu stays so young looking at the age of 60. Oz and me were stunned when Henner said she does not eat any sugar, processed foods, or caffeine. he has always told us to limit our intake of these to a minimum but giving them up totally takes a lot of willpower.

Is a non dairy diet good for growing children? Oz really questioned her about this but her kids are just as healthy as she is so he really couldn’t dispute her. I would not know what is is like to go through life without and occasional cheeseburger or a glass of milk but I guess we don’t miss what we have never had. One of the most interesting things she talks about today is that we need to add hydration to our food pyramid. Oz seemed to agree here and recent guests on his show have added that maintaining our health depends on us staying properly hydrated.

You can click the following link to see the full interview with Marilu Henner.

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