“The Bachelorette” Recap (7/8/13): Bring in the Clouds!

Tonight on The Bachelorette it seems as though Desiree has her head in the clouds when it comes to her number one choice in a mate…Brooke! Does he feel the same…really? For those who watched last week’s episode filled with the dramatic exit of James as the guys were finally able to get Desiree to see his evil ways to send him packing back to the United States from Barcelona, will this week be equally dramatic? Will viewers see the magical return of yet another loser who tries to make a come back after being ousted from the competition? Hang on to your ropes, this season will be ending with a cliffhanger!

Desiree and her five guys travel from Barcelona, Spain to Madeira Island, Portugal where she has invited three of her competitors from The Bachelor with Sean to join her for feedback about the guys. Sean’s fiance, Catherine, is among them as well as Lesley and Jackie. The girls approve of the five guys as they discuss their attributes with Desiree stating she is excited about the first date which is with Brooks. They head into the mountains where they actually wind up being somewhere in between on Cloud 9 and in it. The date goes really well as the adjectives Desiree decides describe the levels between like and love as stepping, skipping, running, and finish line. Brooks declares he is a little behind when she states she is running. He believes he wants her to meet his family, but do those feelings change?

The next date is a one-on-one with Chris as they speed off to a deserted private island on a yacht while the others stand on the shore waving with jealousy. This date gets ultra sappy as Chris invites Desiree to help him write a poem to send out to sea in a bottle. The poem is not great and the toss seems to place the bottle in danger of crashing on the rock before anyone else has the chance to read it. Chris is fixated on telling her he is in love with her and does so at dinner through another poem she says melts her heart but does not stir up the same emotions of love her relationship with Brooks does. They seem like a good match and there is high expectations she will be moving forward to meet his family next week. Did ANYONE catch Desiree’s little lie? She states the only guy whom she has taken home to meet her parents was her high school boyfriend when we all know Sean met her parents last season on The Bachelor as he was grilled by her brother who destined her to doom!

The date with Michael is the first one and an about town romp which ends in a toboggan ride down narrow streets. Yes, you heard right! It is really more like a mini couch on s large sled and several times it looked as though they were gong to hit the wall. Desiree is concerned about Michael’s inability to show vulnerability and the night ended with a declaration which seems forced. I am willing to bet he is the one cut at the end the night. The two-on-one with a rose is up next where Drew and Zak wind up going head-to-head in a go cart race; the competitiveness nature of Drew surfaces! The rose goes to Drew who is guaranteed a hometown visit with Desiree to meet the parents.

The rose ceremony finds Desiree giving roses to Brooks, Chris, and Zak making it a tearful and painful departure for Michael who calls his mother from the limo to break the news. It is difficult not to feel sorry for him but he must know somewhere in his heart the reason behind not being able to find a mate lies in his stoicism. Next week is hometown visits for Desiree with Drew, Brooks, Zak, and Chris. Who hits it out of the park and who misses? One thing is certain, the saboteur is hiding in the shadows once more!

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