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Dr. Oz Show Exposes Food Industry Secrets Making You Fat

Dr. Oz, September 3, 2013, had investigative reporter, Michael Moss on the show today to expose the dirty secrets that the food industry uses that are making you fat. Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat,” says companies are using sugar in a way that causes some of us to become addicted to certain products. The industry call this the “bliss” point and it is when they have just the right amount to make your body crave more and more of those snacks. Moss says this is especially bad for children, who are more likely to become addicted to certain foods.

The food industry wants you to buy their products and they have done extensive research that allows them to produce the same reaction in your brain that cocaine does to an addict. This reaction causes you to want more and more of their products and they use additives like sugar, salt and fat to produce that chemical effect. Salt is another way these companies keep you craving their products. Kosher salt is the preferred salt to use because the grains are larger and hollow inside. Moss says this allows you saliva to make better contact and your taste buds go into overdrive. We think of Kosher products as healthy but this is not healthy.

Salt also helps the industry keep flavor in products that have to be reheated. Anyone who has ever reheated food know that is usually doesn’t taste as good the second time around. Loading products with salt, helps the food companies mask this so their re-heated products still give your taste buds that “zing” and you crave more and more of them.

Oz made an important statement about sugar and fat. Moss says your brain reacts differently to sugar and fat. He says that fat has twice the calories of sugar and when the two are combined, it literally shuts down your sensors so your brain never tells you to stop eating when you are full. He says this is the number one reason we have an obesity epidemic in this country now. Moss says the food industry uses “mouth feel” to get you hooked on their products. The right combination of sugar and salt drives your taste buds wild and you crave more and more of those products.

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