Dr. Oz Recap: Lower Sodium, Leaky Bladder Fixes

Dr. Oz starts off the show today with a reunion of Siân Green, who had her leg amputated after a taxi ran over her in New York, and David Justino, a plumber who helped save her life. The details of this case get a little murkier as Green’s attorney believes this was no accident and was a case of intentional harm. Forget the lawsuit, it was touching to see David so humble because he just did the right thing. This guy is one class act as he just acts like it is something that everyone would do in the same situation.

Oz talks about incontinence as he gives us an example of what the bladder does and how different things may cause leakage when we are in certain situations. Common things like coughing and umping can put pressure on the bladder and cause us to leak a little. Laughter is when most of us leak a little and anyone knows that it is easy to lose control if something gets us rolling in the floor. Oz says that gaining weight can also put extra pressure on your bladder and make it leak. Hormones, childbirth and aging all take their toll on our bladders and can cause leakage.

How do you stop the leaking? Oz says doing pelvic floor exercises is the best way to strengthen your bladder. You just lay down on the floor and squeeze like you are trying to stop “going.” Repeat this as often as possible and your pelvic muscles will be able to hold it all in after they get stronger.

We all know that taking in less salt will be good for our health. How can we do it and still keep the flavor? Oz brings out G. Garvin, from the Cooking Channel to give us some tips. First, he said adding low sodium chicken broth will put a lot of flavor into soups and sauces without the salt overload. Tomato paste adds a lot of zing without the sodium, garlic, spices like Basil, Thyme, and Oregano add loads of flavor without being unhealthy, and finally infused oils will give you the flavor you want without salt. I am a little disappointed he did not bring up the lemon juice solutions as it does the job very well. Oz did give us his ultimate spice mix to make your Forget about salt. Just mix: 1/3 cup garlic powder, 1/3 cup onion powder, 1/3 cup oregano, 2 tbsp thyme, 1 tbsp parsley flakes, and 1 tsp ground pepper for a blast of flavor that will make you forget about the salt shaker.

Oz ends the show by telling us to use baking soda to clean our kitchen. He says this could be the dirtiest room in your house and using baking soda actually scrubs and decontaminates any area fast, cheap and easily.

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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