Dr. Oz Today: Dr. David Perlmutter Says Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s

Dr. Oz has a controversial guest on his show today and Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, says carbs are causing Alzheimer’s disease. We have all heard Oz talk about healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs. We have gotten lists of which ones we should add to our diet and the ones we need to avoid. Perlmutter claims that almost all carbs are causing our bellies to grow and our brains to shrink. He says this is one reason we are seeing more Alzheimer’s and that this disease can be stopped with a simple diet change.

Perlmutter says that fats are actually good for us and Oz has also recommended that we eat fats as part of our regular diet. While Oz thinks some carbs are healthy, David says all of them are bad for us and the worst are the ones that come from veggies that grow under the ground like Potatoes, sweet potatoes and beets. Perlmutter also says grapes, bananas, and pineapple are also very bad for us. Oz seems a little bit skeptical here as he recommends we eat those fruits regularly and has talked about their health benefits many times. Perlmutter says these fruits and veggies, along with whole grains, actually raise your blood sugar levels as much as eating a candy bar. Oz has shown experiments in past shows that this is true.

The discussion finally comes to what we can eat. Perlmutter says blueberries, spinach, veggies grown above ground, and whole grain brown rice are the best choice for your brain. He adds that we need to add more fat to our diets and says butter, coconut oil, avocados, cheese, shrimp, salmon, and extra virgin olive oil. Oz has an issue with butter but David says this is a perfectly healthy option for those concerned about their hearts. David also adds that by getting more of these fats in our diets will allow our brains to start reversing the damage that has already been done.

Oz says that Perlmutter’s recommendations are completely the opposite of what the medical community says we should do. He adds that he has seen that traditional medicine is wrong in a lot of cases and alternative treatments do work. Oz says that inflammation of the body is one reason people are dying from heart disease and strokes. Carbs play a big role in causing inflammation so Oz says he will recommend that we reduce our carb intake to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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