Dr. Oz Show Today November 7: New Ways To Shrink Omentum Fat

The Doctor Oz Show Today, 11/7/2013, was all about making your middle section smaller today with new supplements and natural foods that will melt the fat away. Fat around your mid section is the most dangerous kind you can have. It is called Omentum Fat and we all have a little that drapes around our middle like an apron. Too much Omentum Fat is linked to all sorts of health problems and is considered the most dangerous kind of fat we can have.

Oz took on a few myths about Omentum Fat.
1. Is it possible to lose weight around your middle after the age of 40?
Oz says it is not about your age but more about the way you approach weight loss that will get you the results you want.
2. Will eating high fat foods cause me to gain weight?
Oz says that we need fats to keep our body working properly. Low Fat foods tend to have sugar in them and it turns on our fat cells and causes them to grow. Healthy and natural fats, think Omega 3, actually melt away and shrink our fat cells.
3. Will sit ups shrink my belly?
If you do hundreds of sit ups a day, you will get your abs tight and in shape. The problem is that if you don’t actually get rid of the fat, you will just have a 6 pack under a big blob and nobody will ever see it.

Natural Ways to Shrink Your Omentum get a smaller Belly

Eat More Healthy Fats-Avocados are loaded with Omega 3 fats and Oz says eating 1/2 of an Avocado with a 1/2 cup of Olives every single day will give you the right fats you need and shrink your Belly.

Get More Calcium-Swiss Cheese is actually healthy in small amounts because it contains Calcium. Oz says eating one ounce of this a day will help you shrink your Omentum.

Drink Tea– Green Tea is a great metabolism booster and Oz says we need to get 2 cups of this a day to keep our body’s engine revving faster and burning more calories.

Sriracha Hot Sauce-We all know that eating spicy foods and adding pepper to our meals gives our metabolism a boost. This special Hot Sauce has over 20 fat burning items in it. Oz says we can use it as a substitute for ketchup. Just make sure you keep a lot of water handy as this sauce is really spicy!

L-Arginine Supplement– This supplement actually works on your hormones and gets your body to burn off more fat during exercise. Oz says you need to take this with every meal for maximum results.

Acacia Powder-This supplement is high in fiber and helps you feel full so you eat less. It also helps with building good bacteria in your gut so you digest your food better. Oz says one tablespoon each morning is all you need to burn more fat.

Just Breathe– Oz demonstrated the Morning Breath Method to boost your metabolism. You just close your mouth and breathe in and out rapidly for 15 seconds through your nose. This sounds funny but Oz says it really helps to get oxygen to your cells and that will get your metabolism revved up.

Dr. Oz Ways to Jump Start Your Diet
Do you eat healthy and still can’t seem to get those pesky pounds to go away? Oz says we can follow 3 simple steps that will help us get rid of that excess baggage around our mid section. Oz says to follow these rules for 1 week and you will see results.

Eat High Water Content Foods.
We need water to survive and staying hydrated is a key to keeping our body working properly. Oz says drinking water is one way but you can add high water content foods like cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, celery, watermelon, and strawberries to your diet to make sure you keep your water levels up. He says keep these handy as snacks throughout the day and you will see a difference.

Eat More Sweet Potatoes.
Oz says carbs are our biggest downfall when trying to lose weight. Eating a sweet potato, instead of some other carb, for lunch and dinner will load you p on fiber and make you feel full. You will eat less and lose weight.

Stop Biting Licking and Tasting
Oz says the little things can make a big difference in whether we gain weight or lose it. He says to stop taking that last bit of Mac and Cheese, don’t lick the bit of Peanut Butter off the spoon, or sample any dish you are cooking. All those little bites can add over 200 calories to your food intake in a day.

Get More Sleep
We all know that a good night’s sleep is a key to being healthy. Oz says good quality sleep will help your body rejuvenate itself and you will have more energy. More energy means you won’t reach for things like Coffee to keep you going.

Oz says you can go through all of these suggestions and change your eating habits for the better. Once you get into a healthier way of eating, you will see the fat start disappearing. We hear all these suggestions but some of us want to see proof. Oz brings out women who have lost up to 160 pounds by following Oz’s guidelines. The one woman, who lost 160 pounds, says getting sleep was a big factor in her success.

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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