Dr. Oz Show Anti Inflammatory Diet Food Swaps and Meal Plan

The Dr. Oz Show, December 5, 2013, gave us Oz’s new anti inflammatory diet that has simple “nudges” to get you eating right and feeling better. Oz says that high cholesterol, diabetes, skin irritation, heart disease, and everyday aches and pains are all caused by inflammation in the body. Food can cause inflammation and Andrew Weil has talked about it before on the show.

Foods That Cause Inflammation
Dr. Tanya Edwards comes out on the show and she said many foods can be linked to just about every disease out there. She gives us a list of the types of foods that cause inflammation:
Saturated Fats like meat and whole dairy products.
Refined Carbs like bagels, pastries, and white pasta.
Trans Fat used to preserve foods and give them a longer shelf life and from fried foods. Omega 6 Fatty Acids from unhealthy corn oil.

All of these foods cause our body to become inflamed and Oz says we need to tackle the problem fast to relieve our aches and pains. We get a sample list of the three daily meals:
Breakfast– Fat Free Greek Yogurt with cinnamon, walnuts and berries with a cup of black coffee.
Lunch– Dark Green salad with colored veggies, vegetarian chili, and Green Tea.
Dinner– Green Beans, Red Potatoes with Feta Cheese, and baked Salmon

The volunteer was shocked that coffee is anti inflammatory and Edwards says it is the number 1 antioxidant in the American diet. You just have to keep away from the cream and sugar. Oz asked why a Turkey sandwich was not a good choice for lunch and Edwards says that most deli meats are loaded with salt and other preservatives that cause inflammation. Oz also asked about chicken and Edwards said it would be a second choice but Salmon has more Omega 3’s. Red Potatoes are loaded with antioxidants and are a better choice than white potatoes. I wonder why Oz didn’t say anything about sweet potatoes?

Anti Oxidant Food Swaps
Oz knows it is hard to go cold turkey when changing your eating habits. He has a full list of food swaps that will help you stay on the Anti Inflammatory diet.
Walnuts and Berries instead of Cereal.
Greek yogurt instead of eggs.
Cinnamon instead of sugar to sweeten things.
Legumes and Beans instead of meat.
Olive Oil instead of creamy salad dressing.
Pureed Avocado instead of mayonnaise.
Chili powder, Basil, and Turmeric instead of salt.

By switching out these substitutes with your normal routine, you will see a reduction in pain within a week of starting this diet. Oz says to give it a chance and even simple changes will help you get on the right track.

You can read about No Pill Pain Relief from the first part of the show today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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