Dr. Oz Show Today: Links Between Cell Phones And Breast Cancer

December 6, 2013 By

The Doctor Oz show is talking about new studies that show cell phones my be increasing your risk for breast cancer. The study focused on women who carry personal items in their Bra. Face it, many of us us our bra as an extra pocket when we go out. I know I am notorious for carrying my ID, Money, and Cell phone there when I am wearing shorts that have no pockets or a dress. Could keeping my phone there really increase my chances of developing breast cancer? Oz says you could be playing with fire if you do it. UPDATE: Read our recaps on Cell Phones and Breast Cancer and Vitamin D and Depression.

Snopes.com had an article about this subject back in may of this year. A lady was claiming that her cellphone gave her breast cancer and the doctor did agree that the tumors were in the location she kept her phone. Although there is no report of any study at that time that said there was a link to her cancer and her cell phone, the doctors were sure to say that it is better to be safe than sorry. Cell phones emit radio waves and oz has talked about how those waves may damage your body in the past.

Dr. Lisa Bailey was in the news last month talking about cases of breast cancer in young women that had low risk factors and no family history of the disease.She and her associate, Dr. John West, said the one thing in common among these women was the fact that they kept their cell phones in their bra. Although there was no study cited, all the doctors agreed that we should keep our cell phones out of our bra and men should keep them out of their shirt pockets as a precaution.

Oz says he has new evidence in this debate. From the previews, we can see he seems to think this new study has some valid points. Oz has always tried to err on the side of safety and his saying you are “playing with fire” may just be his reaction. We will have to tune into the show to find out. Check back here on CMR later today for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. oz is talking about.

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  1. Don Needham says:

    Dr. Oz.
    Saw the episode on Cell Phones in the Bra Concerns.

    I am a male who carried my cell phone in my left pants pocket for 10 years. One year ago I was diagnosed with MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA in the lymph nodes right beneath where the phone rested in my pocket. Have been thru surgery, chemo, radiation and still have a year of chemo maintenance.

    While researching, I came across Dr. West. We talked and he has info about my story in the case studies he is accumulating.

    Please keep this cell phone phone study on front page. I am convinced there is a connection.

    Pastor Don Needham
    9542 Hollydale Court
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920


  2. Mary Lou Dixon says:

    Four years ago, when I was 65, I developed triple negative breast cancer. A year earlier, I had purchased my parents’ home and was heavily into remodeling the year before. I fell into the habit, when I didn’t have a pocket, of sticking my phone in my bra, on the outer side of my left breast. This was the very spot where my tumor turned up. My doctors did a genetic test and told me that I did not have the breast cancer gene. For some time, I have been suspicious that my habit contributed to my cancer–especially since it was triple negative.

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