Dr. Oz Show Today December 13: Hidden Warning Signs For Cancer

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Dr. Oz has spent a lot of time talking about cancer in the past and today he is going over the hidden warning signs of pancreatic and ovarian cancer that may save your life. Oz will also be giving us new simple ways we can reduce our risk of getting cancer. He says some simple changes can drastically lower your chances of suffering through this disease.

Ovarian Cancer has been called one of the deadliest cancers women face. This is a deadly disease because it is usually found too late to treat. Oz talked about Ovarian Cancer in detail in a show last season. Oz revealed that women that have never had children have a greater risk and even drinking milk will increase your risks.

Pancreatic Cancer hit the news when Actor Patrick Swayze can forward with the news he had the disease. He fought bravely but in the end, the cancer beat him. Oz says this is another cancer that is usually found too late for treatment because of the subtle symptoms that are not recognized. In the recap above about Ovarian Cancer, Oz also talked about Pancreatic cancer and said you increase your risk of getting this disease by 87% if you drink 2 sodas a day. It is one of the reasons Oz has done shows trying to get us away from soda.

Oz dedicated a show to his 28 Day Plan to get us off of soda for good. The acid and sugar in our sodas are destroying our health and our teeth. Oz wants everyone off of soda for good and drinking healthier choices.

Make sure you set your DVR and check your local listings for the time Oz airs in your area. If you miss any of the details today, please check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

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  1. Remedy for skin discoloration on todays show Dec.13. Mixture with grapes and something else.

  2. Sandra Chambers-Moteso says:

    Hello Dr. Oz. I have a question for you. On today’s show (12-13-13) you said that we should have less dairy product to help prevent ovarian cancer, is yogurt one of the dairy product I should avoid? My mother died at 68 with ovarian cancer. We didn’t catch it in time she only lived 6 months after the diagnosis. Please respond. I eat about 2-3 greek yogurt per day.


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