Dr. Oz Show Today: New Calcium Guidelines, Protein Powder Explained, Artery Health Test

Dr. Oz, 12/27/2013, is airing his newest guidelines for Calcium, explaining the different kinds of protein powder and what each one targets, and show us how to check our artery health today. Calcium is a necessary nutrient we all need daily. Oz has recommended that we take a supplement in the past but he is changing his mind today. Oz says we should focus on getting our calcium from food and ditch the supplement. He believes that getting too much Calcium is just as dangerous as getting too little.

Calcium Guidelines
Oz says a supplement can be a good thing, but with Calcium, it is easy to get your daily dose of 1200mg with food. If you are taking a supplement, it is a lot easier to get too much calcium. Too much calcium can cause Kidney Stones and other health problems. Oz still recommends we take 1000IU a day of Vitamin D to help our body use the calcium we are getting. Sardines, whole grain bread, orange juice, and plain yogurt are great ways to get your calcium naturally. Oz says eating scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese for breakfast, spinach and Shitake mushrooms for lunch, and Kale with Salmon for dinner will give you all the calcium you need for a day.

Protein Powders Explained
Oz says protein powder is not just for those guys wanting to bulk up. He adds these powders can help you lose weight, keep your mood on an even keel, and boost your energy levels. Oz says the basic guidelines are for the powder to have at least 20 grams of protein per serving, have as few ingredients as possible, and be non flavored or just plain vanilla or chocolate to avoid artificial ingredients. The three recommended types are:

Egg White Protein Powder to boost your metabolism in the morning. Oz says make a shake and drink within 30 minutes of getting out of bed to jump start your body’s fat burning furnace.

Brown Rice Protein Powder has carbs to boost your energy levels. Oz says mix a little of this in with your morning coffee for an instant energy boost.

Casein Protein Powder lowers your appetite and helps keep your mood stabilized. Oz says to mix this with hemp milk for a great way to stay full and keep from going crazy during the day.

Artery Flexibility and Health
Oz has always talked about how flexible arteries help lower your blood pressure and keep you healthy. How do you know if your arteries are flexible enough? Oz says to sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Stretch your arms and touch your toes. If this is not problem, then you are flexible enough. If you can’t do it, you need to do more stretch exercises daily to get your body more limber. Flexible arteries mean that your blood pressure is lower. Lower blood pressure is a key to staying healthy.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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