Dr. Oz Show Today: Magnesium, Energy Boosters, Ayurvedic Sesame Oil Mouth Rinse

The Doctor Oz Show, December 30, 2013, showed us the importance of Magnesium in boosting Energy and other ways to naturally get a little more zip in your day along with an Ayurvedic solution to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Oz has talked about magnesium in the past many times and how it helps keep our energy levels up to prevent those afternoon doldrums. Today, he gave us some new ways to incorporate magnesium into our diet so we won’t have that sluggish episode in the middle of the afternoon.

Get More Energy
Did you know that your circadian rhythm cycles every 8 hours? This is why you seem to get groggy about 3 in the afternoon on most days. Your body is cycling and it wants to go to sleep. Your body temp lowers and you may seem to have difficulty with easy tasks. Oz says it is a bad idea to grab some caffeine or an energy drink so what can you do? Try Aromatherapy. Just make a spritzer and mix water with peppermint of citrus and mist yourself. the smell will trigger your body to wake up again and you can make it through the afternoon.

If you are like most people, you have a hard time in the morning as you try to get going with your day. Oz says to drink a Latte instead of coffee. He says you can make these at home by substituting half the coffee with milk. The protein in the milk will help give you a long term boost and help you get going.

Magnesium Energy Boost
Oz says a lot of us seem to get a little groggy after dinner. He says this is normal and easy to counteract. Just eat your dessert 20 minutes after you finish your meal and add Magnesium rich foods like peanut butter, cinnamon, and bananas to your treat. He says doing this will help keep you going into the next day.

Sesame Oil For Healthy Teeth and Gums
Oz is always looking for new ways to use natural oils in our daily routine. He had some guests on the show to talk about their “over the top” routines and a couple of them were really good. Rinsing your mouth with sesame oil is a natural Ayurvedic remedy called Oil Pulling. The oil helps pull away bacteria from your teeth and gums. I don’t know it I could do it for 20 minutes like the lady on the stage said she did every morning. But any natural way to help keep my teeth in great shape is a blessing.

Cabbage Pain Remedy
Another strange remedy was to take cabbage leaves, spread honey on them, and apply to achy joints and muscles. Oz says the cabbage is loaded with flavonoids and the honey is rich in antimicrobials. Oz said to chill the cabbage leaf and even spread honey onto it. Place this over the affected area and leave on overnight for best results. You may have to use plastic wrap to keep it in place all night. Oz says this is a tried and true remedy for pain and we should all try it.

You can read about Mulberries from the first part of today’s show.

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