Dr. Oz Show Today: 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan

Dr. Oz, January 6, 2013, is starting the New Year off with a show dedicated to getting you up to 14 pounds thinner in just two weeks. This new 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan will help jump start your weight loss goals and keep you healthy at the same time. Oz has always talked about how permanent long term weight loss can only be attained through a lifestyle change. Quick start diets, like the one he is going to reveal today, are a great way to get you started and keep you motivated but are never a substitute for the real changes that you need to make to keep the fat away for good. UPDATE: We have published the complete 2 week plan from the show today.

Joel Fuhrman and Andrew Weil are always talking about how we need to get into the habit of using food for nutrients. The biggest reason we overeat is because food becomes a reward or even a coping mechanism to deal with the problems we are having. Emotional eating is a real disorder and learning what real hunger is can help you lose weight.

Many people in today’s society use food to help cope with a variety of other issues like depression, feeling like you are alone, and when something makes them sad. This can cause you to binge out on snacks that will add inches and pounds to your body. If you have emotional eating problems, no diet will help you until you learn to deal with the issues that you use food to get over.

Oz will get a lot of criticism from the pundits who feel rapid weight loss is not the way to lose weight. He believes this also but Oz realizes that we can get in a rut if we don’t see results. If you stuck to a new eating plan for a month and really never lost any weight would you continue? Little or no results is one of the biggest reasons we stop eating healthy. Oz thins that by starting off a new lifestyle with a quick diet like his new plan today, will help motivate you into thinking you can succeed. Check back here on CMR later today for all the latest news about Dr. Oz’s New 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.

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  1. Dishelia Copeland says

    Am interested in your 2 week diet plan, but can’t get it to print out. Could you email it to me please? Thanks

  2. Sandra Santos says

    I’ve been checking often and still no 2 week diet plan as shown by Dr Oz. In fact, what little was up there has disappeared too. HELP!!!

  3. LINDA LEE says


  4. Erica says

    I have already lost 8 pounds on this diet! Just started it on Jan 8! Pretty sweet! Not hungry at all! And I now have a newfound love for smoothies and green tea!

  5. pat says

    click on the blue highlighted “complete 2 week diet” another screen comes up and then click on the blue highlighted “clicking here”. this is how I found the diet chart. Hope this helps

  6. V. SAMMONS says

    We are interested in the 2 wk plan but unable to print to hard copy would you be able to send via e mail Thank u

  7. Kathy Hassen says

    Like everyone else I cannot find the diet plan to follow on a daily basis. Please email it to me. Thank You

  8. kiron khurana says

    I cannot find Dr. Oz two week diet plan, to print from January 6th show. Please e-mail me the two week diet plan. Tried going to his website but no success.

  9. Carole Mcgee says

    PLEASE…send me the 2 week diet plan, I can’t find it anywhere, it’s very frustrating! I’ve spent an hour trying to pull it up.
    Thanks, Carole

  10. Nancy T says

    Cannot find the plan anywhere. I work during the day and could not watch the show. Please email me with plan. Thank you.

  11. Shirley Dore' says

    I can not find your 2 week plan you showed on the TV Show Monday. Please e-mail to me. I really want to lose weight. I am also a diabetic but not on medication any longer. Will this effect me? I’m also 74 yrs. young.
    My weight is 175 and I am small frame. Thanks , Shirley

  12. D. Graham says

    please email me the 2 week diet plan as seen on tv 1/6/14. I cannot find it. Thank you.

  13. Bonnie G. says

    I was trying to find the two week diet that Dr. Oz was talking about. Can’t find it. Can you e-mail me a copy of the plan? I have 40 pounds to lose and need a jump start.
    Thank you!,

  14. N Roberts says

    Please email me a copy of the printout of the 2 week rapids weight loss diet that was seen on TV on Dr. Oz January 6/14.
    Thank you

  15. Edward Burley says

    Please mail two week diet plan Like everyone else am interested can not get it to print Wife keeps bugging me
    She is a huge fan and believer in you Me a little skeptic Ed Burley

  16. Jo-Anne Flagg says

    Ditto to what has already been posted, no way to locate the 2 week diet plan…
    please advise and send me the diet……

    Thank you.

  17. adele cantavespri says

    How aggravating and frustrating. I ‘m looking at all the comments above and all of them are c3ertainly true. so…when you go to this site all I get is a bunch of ads to purchase or go to another site. this site has nothing to do with what Oz said it would have. I spend over an hour looking around and trying to find the list he held up to be printed . it cant be found or printed. DISGUST!!

  18. Sherri Bryant says

    I am looking for the print out sheet Dr Oz had on the 2 week diet. But can not find it. Could you please e-mailit to me. Thanks

  19. MARIA says

    please email me a copy of the two week diet Dr. Oz had on his show today i have searched the website and cant find the page he said will be there. Please I like all the rest of the people on here could really use this for health reasons. thank you so much for your help

  20. Mary says

    I am having trouble finding the 2 week diet plan that is on one sheet of paper as was on the show. Could you please email it to me. Thanks.

  21. susan goldstein says

    Please e mail me the 2 week diet plan discussed on Dr. Oz show on 1/6. Could not find it on the site.

  22. susan goldstein says

    Please e mail me the plan as illustrated by Dr. Oz- all on one page, as it does not exist as he advised, on his site.

  23. Pat Ciraolo says

    I would love a copy of the 2 wk diet but can not find it. Could you please e-mail it to me
    or give me directions as to how to get it? thank you

  24. leanna olson says

    I did find a link to click on in the upper part of this (above) article which outlines the complete diet. ( It says complete two week diet plan) Is there another print out that I am missing? I did see Dr. Oz hold something up but it may be this outline. If there is another print out, please send it to me. Thank you

  25. larry says

    Please send me the 2 week diet plan. I enjoy the show and really liked the demonstrations of all the crazy
    things we do to our bodies. Thank you

  26. Kaye says

    I cannot find the menu cards or Diet Plan Chart that was shown on Dr. Oz today. Could you please e-mail them
    to me.

  27. julie stromire says

    Please e-mail the 2 week diet that you had on your show today 1/6/14, I would like to print this. Thanks

  28. Anita Ryan says

    I can’t find the 2 wk. diet plan that fits on one sheet of paper. Could you email it to me? Thanks!

  29. t kucsma says

    Please email the 2 week diet plan. I also could not find the link to it on your website. Thanks.

  30. Elaine George says

    cannot find the 2 wk diet plan print out dr oz held up on show. pls e-mail this plan. thank u.

  31. edna campbell says

    Could you please email me the 2 weeks diet plan you mention on the show today Thanks

  32. edna campbell says

    I AM interested in your 2weeks diet plan but cannot find it to print out as you mention on the show today ,Could you email it to me , Thanks

  33. Barbara Moser says

    Like everyone I cannot print out 2 week diet plan would appreciate if you would e-mail it to me.

  34. Pat says

    Please e-mail the 2 week diet plan. I need to lose 15-20 lbs to have knee replacement suregery. Thanks

  35. Robert Gunnells says

    The diet plan is in the recap and you can view it by clicking the link in the first paragraph of the article.

  36. Celeste smith says

    Can you please send me the 2 week rapid weight loss diet plan. Cannot find it on website.

  37. Susan Markowski says

    I took some notes throughout the show, but, As the others commented, I cannot bring it up to print.

  38. B. Ossello says

    Am interested in your 2 week diet plan, but cannot get it to print out. Could you email it to me? Thanks.

  39. Corolla Neller says

    Hello I can not get the 2 wk diet plan to show up or even print it out
    Could you e-mail it to me

  40. Bev. says

    I wonder if DR. OZ .ever goes to his website to find something. i have the worse time trying to find anything there. like the Diet i’m looking for now

  41. Gladys says

    I can’t find the 2 wk diet plan & want to print it up. Dr Oz held one up & said it was on his web site, I hope you can help me!!

  42. bonita J Sianis says

    two week weight loss food list…how do I get to it. I want to print it up and cannot find it on your website. very frustrating. Please help me.

  43. Pat says

    Where can I find the weight loss program Dr. Oz was talking about on the show, the date of the show is 01/6/14

  44. J. Mitts says

    Am interested in your 2 week diet plan, but cannot get it to print out. Could you email it to me? Thanks.

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