Dr. Oz Show Today: Whole Body Anti-Aging Guide

Dr. Oz, 1/10/2014, is all about anti-aging today and our favorite Doctor is going to give us the latest news on keeping our whole body looking younger. Many of us women constantly look for ways to fight Father Time. Oz has given out a lot of remedies and focused on supplement and foods that will keep the aging clock running as slow as possible. The show will give us ways to stay younger on the inside as well as the outside. This is one show you won’t want to miss. UPDATE: Here are the recaps of the two segments on Natural Wrinkle Cures and Supplements to Prevent Skin Damage.

Way back in 2012, Oz had another Anti-Aging Super show that focused on the latest treatments for age spots and other problem areas.

Experts have been on the show in the past to share their secrets for looking so young. The list included cocktails made from coconut water, wheat grass, apple, lemon, and ginger. This daily drink was one reason Dr. Rovenia Brock looks like she is in her early thirties while she is really 55 now.

The previews point us to an article that talks about foods to keep you looking younger. These included Blueberries, beans, cranberry juice, and blood oranges. The key ingredient in all the fruits and veggies was that they were high in antioxidant content. Antioxidants help clear out the free radicals that can damage cells and cause you to look older than you are.

If we look at the common theme of the new shows this year, this whole body anti-aging guide will be full of ways to keep your digestive system in order and focus on getting more nutrients from the foods you eat.

This will be one show that you won’t want to miss so set your DVR if you are not at home. If you miss any of the details, please check back here on CMR for all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about each day.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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