Dr. Oz Show: Epsom Salt Bath To Lose Inches, Vitamin B3, and BearBerry Extract

Dr. Oz, January 10, 2014, revealed new ways to naturally lose inches, get rid of wrinkles, and make age spots disappear on the show today. We all know that looking in the mirror reveals more and more things that make us want to look younger. Seeing those fine wrinkles around your chin, those crows feet at the corner of you eyes, and ugly brown spots where you used to have smooth even skin can leave any woman looking older than she actually is. Oz has looked at the research and he is showing us new ways to naturally fight the aging process.

Vitamin B3
Dr. Sharon Giese says that this vitamin is not harmful and it absorbs into the skin easily. B3 will plump up the skin and make those little wrinkles less noticeable with its super hydrating ability. Oz says to look for Vitamin B3 on the label or Niacinamide, use this at night and in the morning, and you will see fewer wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks.

Bearberry Extract
Giese says that age spots are one of the biggest complaints from her older clients. She says Bearberry extract will actually remove these spots and continued use will help prevent them from ever appearing. Oz says you need to look for Bearberry Extract or Arbutin on the label and you need to apply it at night before you use your moisturizer. Giese said we should remember that this will take about 6 weeks before you see results.

Epsom Salt Bath
Oz promoted this in his 14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan and Giese says this is the easiest and least expensive way to detox your body. You need to add 2 cups of Epsom Salt to your bath that is about 95 degrees. Soak in this for about 10 minutes and you will see the inches disappear. Oz had a demonstration on the show and one volunteer lost 1 inch in her waist and 1 inch in her thigh.

That is the first part of the show. Click here for the latest pills to fight wrinkles and aging.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. maxine says

    Victoria – Vitamin B3 cream can be found at Walgreen’s and many online stores. Ponds and Olay both make them.

    Sounds like you have Tinitus (the constant noise in your ears). You should probably have an ear doctor or primary car doctor diagnose it for sure. I know Dr. Oz has had shows about it. If you can navigate his site, maybe you can get some information there. If not, do a Google search and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some websites that discuss the problem. Best of luck.

  2. Victoria Lotz says

    I watched a show yesterday Dr. Oz and I found it quite interesting. But I have to tell you I have spent way too much time looking for a vitamin B the cream. I’ve searched the net I have called health food stores in my area and the only thing I can find is a vitamin B3 powder which must be added to your face screen. They give you 6 to 1 ratio but it’s not something I want try to make so if you can tell me where I can possibly buy this vitamin B three cream for my face I would appreciate that. Also Dr. Oz I never hear you address one of the problems I have on a daily basis which is a constant buzzing and ringing in my ears some days are louder than others but I don’t know what it is like to have quiet. I would very much like to be on your show into be used is a 65-year-old woman who is in really good health except for I have high blood pressure. Since I be listening to this noise in my head all my life I thought it was normal but after doing research I understand that it’s not normal in that 5 million people suffer from this same problem. I would very much like to be on your program and be part of learning what I can do so that I can hear some quiet in my life time. Thank you very much Victoria J Lotz Happy New Year to you and yours.

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