Dr. Oz Show Today: LaKeisha Shurn Weight Loss, Body Signs For Health Problems

Dr. Oz, January 17, 2014, showed us the warning signs our body gives us as clues to serious health problems and LaKeisha Shurn’s incredible 100 day weight loss journey. Oz has always told us that our body will give us subtle clues about our health that could save our lives. He has talked about recognizing the signs of Pancreatic and other cancers. Oz believes that recognizing these seemingly innocent signs could save our lives and he gives us a few more things to look for that could tell us we may have a larger health problem.

Heart Disease Earlobe Crease
Heart Disease is silent and deadly as most of us have no clue we are suffering from it until it is too late. Clogged arteries cause elevated blood pressure and can lead to a heart attack. You really cannot tell if you blood pressure is high or your arteries are clogged unless you get tested. Oz says one sign on your body may let you know you have thick arteries and are at risk for this disease. Look at your ear lobe. If you see a visible diagonal crease across it, you may have thick arteries and need to see a doctor.

Lupus And Red Eyes
Do you always seem to have red eyes? Oz says chronic red eyes are signs of autoimmune disorders like Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Red eyes happen when the tear ducts are not producing enough moisture to keep our eyes lubricated and the redness comes from the inflamed blood vessels. Oz says this is just another subtle clue that you may need to see a doctor and be tested.

Club Nails And Cancer
Oz says club nails can be a sign of cancer, heart problem, or lung problem. This happens when the tissue around our nails becomes swollen. Oz has a simple test for this. Just bend your index fingers in and place your nails together all the way to the first finger joint. You should see a little diamond shape that forms as your nails go into the cuticle. If you don’t see that little diamond, Oz says you may need to see a doctor and get checked.

The three tests above all look at inflammation in the body. Oz has always talked about how inflammation is the first sign that something is not right. The good news is that most of these diseases can be prevented or reversed. You can look at what Andrew Weil and Joel Fuhrman say about changing your diet to fight inflammation and get started on the road to being healthier.

LaKeisha Shurn Weight Loss
Oz always talks about how being motivated is one of the biggest factors in the success of your new healthy lifestyle plan. He has told us to get a diet buddy to keep us going and always says we need to be happy with ourselves. LaKeisha Shurn made a bold move to start a new healthy lifestyle and lose weight. She went one step further and made a video documentary that shows her progress over the period of 100 days.

One of the most important things Oz got out of this interview is that LaKeisha said she had to learn to lover herself. He said this is the key to success in life and diets. LaKeisha added that one thing she had to do was not to depend on her friends. She said she would use them as a crutch and realized that this journey was all about her. Friends can be a great support network but you should never depend on them for your success.

LaKeisha did not follow a specific diet. She ate a lot of spinach and other green veggies. Her daily workouts focused on a different part of her body each day. She said the biggest thrill was when she crossed under 300 pounds. She said it seemed to validate everything she was doing. You can watch the video below and you can follow LaKeisha on Give It 100.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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