Dr. Oz Today: Fast Metabolism Diet, Boost Metabolism By Body Type

The Dr. Oz Show, 2/5/2014, talks with Haylie Pomroy, author of The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook, and gives us foods that will speed up our metabolism and burn fat based on our body types. Oz says if we have a sluggish metabolism it can be hard for us to lose weight. If you are eating the right foods and your body refuses to release those extra pounds, you may need to focus on revving up your metabolism to get rid of them. Haylie Pomroy says she has the perfect plan to jump start your body’s fat burning furnace so the pounds will just melt away.

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan
Haylie says the key to her diet is to change up the types of foods you are eating every few days so your body never gets used to what you are eating and your metabolism stays high. Oz says that this is similar to the plateau effect that many body builders experience. Once our body sees that we eat at the same time and the same types of foods each day, it gets stuck in a pattern and this could spell disaster if you are trying to lose weight.

Day 1 and 2
The right kind of Carbs help calm our Adrenal glands and lower our stress levels. Haylie says we need to eat 1 cup of whole grain carbs at each meal like oats, brown rice and quinoa. We also need to eat 2 high glycemic fruits as a snack like pineapple and mango. You can squeeze a little lime juice on these fruits to help fight inflammation.

Day 3 and 4
Eat more protein and veggies to build muscle and burn the fat away. Haylie says that proteins release stored fat in our body and the veggies help to flush it out of our system. For days 3 and 4, you eat no carbs from fruit or grains and eat 6 ounces of meat with unlimited veggies at each meal. Haylie says your 2 snacks should be something like turkey jerky, boiled eggs, or turkey bacon.

Day 5, 6, and 7
Haylie says we need fat to burn fat. The right fats actually help melt the fat stored in your body. The last three days of the plan, you combine healthy fats like olive oil and others with a protein and healthy carbs at each meal except for lunch where you eat no carbs at all.

Haylie says this diet plan will keep your body guessing and rev up your metabolism. She adds that you shouldn’t be counting calories here because this plan is more about getting the right nutrition for your body while keeping the metabolism revved up. Counting calories may hinder the process of rebooting your metabolism.

Boost Your Metabolism by Body Type
We all know that different body types store fat in different ways. Last season, Oz gave us ways to lose weight based on our body type. Today, he is giving us ways to use specific foods to boost our metabolism.

If you have a big middle section, you are more than likely storing fat because of stress. Oz says we need foods with Tryptophan to calm us and reduce our anxiety. The best sources of this are: Beans, Salmon, Shrimp, tuna, and Cacao Nibs.

If you are big on the bottom, you have more estrogen in your body than you need. Oz says these body types need to eat more fiber to flush out the extra estrogen. He suggests chia seeds, apples, oats, and raspberries.

If you carry a lot of weight in your arms, Oz says this is usually associated with high blood sugar. the best metabolism food for people with big arms is Whey Protein Powder because is helps lower insulin levels. Oz says use this to make smoothies in the morning and it will rev your body up and help you lower your insulin levels.

That is the Metabolism news from the show today.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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