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Dr. Oz Today: MUFA And PUFA Fats To Lose Weight, FBCx Supplement

The Dr. Oz Show, February 7, 2014, is all about blasting away belly fat by eating more healthy fats and Oz gives us a new supplement to flush the fat out of your system called FCBx. Can eating more fat actually cause you to melt the fat cells in your body? Oz says science has proven that eating the right fats will help you melt the fat away and lose weight. Oz says one of the biggest diet mistakes we make is eating “low fat” foods. We need fat for our body to function properly.

What Are MUFA’s and PUFA’s

MUFA or Monounsaturated Fatty Acid come from plant sources and proven to help lower inflammation in the body. Oz says these healthy fats actually bind to the stored fat in your body and melt it away. Foods like avocados, olives, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, almond butter, and dark chocolate all contain healthy MUFA’s.

Oz says half of your daily calorie intake of fats should be from MUFA foods. Oz says to add them to every meal you eat. He suggests 1/4 of an avocado, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of nut butter, 10 olives, 2 tablespoons of nuts, and 1/4 cup of dark chocolate daily to get enough MUFA fats in your system.

PUFA or Polyunsturated Fatty Acids are a fat Oz has never told us about before. He says PUFA fats relax the fat cells in your body and allow the MUFA fats to melt them away. Oz says this will be a one two punch that the fat in your body won’t be able to fight.

Foods that are high in PUFA fats need to be taken in two servings a day. You can eat 3 ounces of Salmon or Sardines, snacks made from seaweed, 1 shot glass of pine nuts, 1 ounce of sesame seeds, 1 ounce of sunflower seeds, or two tablespoons of sunflower oil for each serving.

FBCx Supplement
Oz says we can flush out the excess fat in our system by taking FBCx supplement. This is a soluble fiber that binds to the fat we eat and flushes it out of our system. These tablets can get rid of 9 times their weight in fat and save you over 500 calories a day.

Get Calcium without Dairy
With so many people finding out they are lactose intolerant, Oz wants to make sure we are getting our 1000mg daily recommended dose. If you don’t get enough calcium, your body takes it from your bones and this could spell trouble. Oz says it is easy to get calcium without dairy and gives us a lost of foods and how much we need to eat.

Spinach- 1 cup gives you 1/3 of your daily dose.
Dried Figs- 1 cup is 1/3 of your daily dose.
Sesame Seeds- 1/4 cup gives you 1/3 of your daily dose.
Sardines- 1 can gives you 1/3 of your daily dose.

Incorporating these foods into your daily routine will keep your bones strong and healthy.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. Em says

    To all of you looking for FBCx, just Googling “FBCx” will take you to the manufacturer at fbcx.com. Their first item says the only patented product with FBCx in the U.S. is weight management aid Calorease. They say to visit http://www.calorease.com/buy to buy Calorease.

    Also available at GNC.com (type FBCx into the search box).

    Either way, $50 for 180 tablets.
    $3 shipping from GNC, $6 shipping from calorease.com

    I’m thinking I’ll buy a box, and take it when I eat fatty foods, like a night out eating cheese-smothered Mexican foods.


    WHAT was the 3 things you spoke about on your show 04/07/2014 stopping pain fast!? I more interesting in the 3rd one….its was some kind of Oil or cream.

  3. Michelle Allay says

    Please tell me where to put purchase the FCBx supplement that was featured on Dr Oz show 2/7/14 Thank you

  4. ditanya Johnson says

    I’m 29 with lupus I tried everything to gain weight but it’s not working I’m always loses the weight. Plus I did everything to get my hair back to but that not working too. Please help me. Get my life back.

  5. Elaine Terranova says

    Would you please tell me where I can get the black and white dress used on the February 7, 2014 . Called color blocking. The store and the manufacture Name.
    Also the women said to go to huckster.com. For reduced prices and I got plastic bag distrubitor.
    Thank you

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