Dr. Oz Show: Meratrim Supplement & Pomegranate Vinegar For Tiple Fat Loss

Dr. Oz Today, February 10, 2014, is all about losing fat quickly and Oz says Meratrim Supplement and Pomegranate Vinegar will help the pounds melt away. The new diet plan is supposed to help you burn three times the fat and block new fat from forming. This simple diet plan includes exercise and a proper diet so it is no fad or miracle cure that promises results and never delivers them. Oz had 30 women try the plan for 2 weeks and the results were good but not impressive.

Meratrim Supplement Study
30 audience members were asked to take Meratrim twice a day, walk 30 minutes a day, and eat fewer than 2000 calories. The results were an average weight loss of 3 pounds and 3 inches of their waist. Is this a new miracle supplement?

Meratrim is a combination of Garcinia Mangostana and Sphaeranthus Indicus. It is supposed to block fat from forming in your cells and protect them from damage. Guidelines for buyingthis supplement are to make sure the label says 100% pure and you need to take 400mg 30 minutes before breakfast and 400mg 30 minutes before dinner.

While nobody lost a huge amount of weight, one lady said it all when she questioned whether it was the Meratrim that helped her lose weight or the exercise and calorie limits. Oz said nothing is a miracle pill but anything that will help you is a good thing and this is just 1 step in his new diet plan.

Pomegranate Vinegar
Step 2 in the new plan is to drink 1 tablespoon of Pomegranate Vinegar after every meal. We know that pomegranates help keep inflammation down and vinegar helps regulate your blood sugar levels. Oz says taking this after every meal will keep your levels steady. If you blood sugar levels spike, it triggers your body to store fat.

Double Your Protein
The final part of the triple fat loss diet plan is to double your protein intake and get rid of simple carbs. Oz says protein actually make your body burn more calories and eliminating simple carbs will keep your blood sugar steady. He suggests eggs and yogurt for breakfast, turkey and edamame with greens for lunch, and cheeseburgers with no bun for dinner.

Fat Burning Foods
Oz gives us some simple ways to eat our favorite foods and burn more fat. First, you will burn more calories while sleeping if your room is colder. Oz says to turn your thermostat down to 63 degrees and studies have shown your body will burn more fat while you sleep.

Curry Cashews have the health benefits of nuts combined with Curcumin, which is proven to help stop fat from spreading. Just eat them as a snack by sprinkling curry powder over the nuts.

Aleppo Spice contains capsaicin and we all know that hot spices help rev up your metabolism. Oz suggested adding this to your favorite recipes and even using it as a salt substitute on your popcorn.

Kelp Noodles are gluten free and low in calories. A 4 ounce serving has just 6 calories where regular pasta has over 170. These are quick to make since they do not need to be cooked and they have a similar texture to regular pasta.

As usual, Oz gives us ways to slowly and steadily lose the extra weight. Non of the options today are quick ways to lose a few pounds that will return once you stop using the recommendations. These are all simple lifestyle changes that will help get us to our weight loss goals.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. ELLEN says

    Wondering if you endorse Invirga-Lean (derived from mango seeds) . Read about it in an article (not an advertisement) in a woman’s magazine several months ago and the article claimed you endorse it. Need to know if you really do.

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